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Casher sylphs horribly unbalanced

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    From what I see, the most OP sylph is Hercules. All of the defense boosts, hp boosts, heals, etc don't help much when herc hits you with 30% mdef debuff and nukes with delph. Herc's weakness is that all but the mdef debuff skill are single target (I think one or 2 skills have splash damage?).

    When you compare apollo to hades, you're not really comparing the same thing due to different roles. Apollo is the aoe king; no other sylph has as many aoes as apollo does (if your crit is missing, it may be your crit stat isn't high enough, your opponent has GA astral, or game luck is trolling you). Apollo is kind of like the mage of sylphs: lots of aoes and a heal that does not damage opponent. Hades has fewer aoes, but it has debuffs and a heal that does damage. Most of Hades skills are single target, not aoes like apollo. Hades is a bit like an archer; many of its debuffs do damage to the opponent, its life steal damages opponent, and it can remove opponent's buffs (if you pay for Haunt skill).

    Also, as others have mentioned, there are other factors than just the stars on the sylph that affect its dps (character stats, sepulcrum used, resistances, etc). A weak sylph on an OP character will still hit like a truck.

    I think the only reason people don't really like Pan is because it is a support role with no heals. Pan is a tanky sylph and the game does not reward tankiness as much as dps. It is also patk, so more likely to be used by mages, but mages have other choices that outshine pan. Knights had good reason to like the extra tankiness and the hp boost and block boost passive, but the block heal nerf coming with the patch kills their main reason for liking a patk sylph. Medusa looks like a support mage's best friend. It won't dps as well as other sylphs, but it has nice party boosts, a sylph point steal skill that lets your team stay sylphed longer, and since fewer use wind sylphs, fewer defend against it. It's not as good for 1 vs 1, but in group fights, you use it to support while the other players dps.


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      I have all slyphs, I got apollo and hades for I cant complain...really liking hades.