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3 words: Dont Nerf Block

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  • 3 words: Dont Nerf Block

    The knight class is clearly being singled out with this patch. The block heal, and the addition of penetration almost completely negates the knights soul attribute, to endure. Almost every knight I know is extremely disappointed and angry about this block heal nerf. If you are adding an astral to reduce block rate, is it really necessary to nerf block heal too? The entire bottom skill tree for knights is just about useless now, except for Apollo's Shield which isnt even reasonable now that there are no good skills on the bottom tree and we have to throw away the majority of our skill points on useless skills just to use Apollos shield. There is no reason to even have the block heal skill anymore, and reverse damage has always been COMPLETELY WORTHLESS, Also without block, knight shield skill is obliterated in 1 hit now. So thats 3 useless skills for a total of 10 skill points completely thrown away. This is going to destroy knights chances in sky trail and gods decent. Knights already require a higher BR to pass stages the other classes can easily pass.

    If knights are going to take such a huge hit, they archers need to have their crit rate bonuses nerfed as well, and mages need to have their suntora nerfed.

    Archers are clearly the favored class followed by mages. Every new patch that comes out brings something new that archers far excel. Meanwhile knights continue to get less and less rewards.

    Now knights are the slowest class, do the least damage to only single targets, have the longest cooldowns, the slowest attack rate, have no way to heal (at least that would make any difference), and now we cannot even absorb damage. The cornerstone of the knight class pulled out from underneath of us. If you hate the knight class so much just remove them from the game, and give all knights the option to change classes and maintain their stats and equipment.

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    +1 to this thread...or atleast gaive us new passive
    IGN: lilly s361 stormkeep
    Class: Knight
    Free Player mostly(recharged 500 balens once)


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      this make block useless,might as wel remove the damn stat from my gear


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        JUST remove knight class !! useless read this


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          At the very least they could explain why this change has been made. Capping the Heal to 3k is ridiculous. Archers have Blood sucker and I have seen them sucking over 40k, and Mages have 3 separate heals. At least be fair and cap all of them at 3k