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Immigration System

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  • Immigration System

    Lot of us have characters in other servers. Usually are characters who are weak - have some mistakes cause when we started them we were noobs - they haven't participated a lot in events etc etc - and we use them just to cover some free time by playing with them or not at all.
    So, my idea is the Immigration System.
    We choose which caracters we want to immigrate to our primary character (the character we mostly play and we upgrade properly).
    With this system we get all our secondary's characters inventory - vault - balens that may have - astrals etc etc
    The cost of this transfer is something that i can't specify but i beleive that it should be according to secondary character's BR (for example 1k Balens for each 10k BR)
    By this, a lot of inactive players in several servers will be deleted - server merges will be easier and more accurate and effective and our primary characters will get stronger.

    That's the main idea...details is up to R2

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    Not gonna happen


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      Originally posted by Rubberplayer View Post
      Not gonna happen
      Lol ... extreme negative without second thought ....
      as i said, i give the idea, if - why - when and how is up to others


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        how do you immigrate to join friends on another server?


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          like the trade system, this is never gonna happen xD
          ooo naww, you didn't. you gotta be trollin' me o_O