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Mage class is dead!!!!!!!!!!!1one

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  • Mage class is dead!!!!!!!!!!!1one

    Just because everyone else is saying their class is dead. ^_^
    [S52] Jynx

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    You can't die in Wartune, as long as you have hp pack


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      Haha this really made me laugh


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        but really tho, mage is the suckiest class now. since sylphs introduced the demand for mages in MP are sharply declined. a good knight with good iris is a better healer than mages who cant even keep themself alive and archer easily outheal mages with their crit heal. they used to trump with their multiple AoE attack and now by simply transforming into sylph other classes also has secondary AoE with no rage use.
        it seems their advance skills arent so hot, the rage boost disable the use of rage rune and the 400% damage skill is distributed evenly amongst targets.
        this is why we need a new troop immediately so mage can optimize their healing specialties in 1vs1 pvp.
        Originally posted by Wraithraiser
        Welcome to R2 forums. Where quality is nonexistent and quantity is only measured in the number of whines a single day can produce.


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          Well you can always just take 4 Knights into a NM now. No DF needed. Knights can use Iris(Heals and Purify). Knights can bring Purge Rune. Knights have Apollo's Shield which would be the Incendiary Shot. Archer and Mages no longer needed =P.

          But just depends on what you decided to play and how it all works out for you in the end your group make up.

          Somewhere I read that the rage boost is a rage boost when doing a heal and isn't for everything. But haven't seen it in game yet, my server just got the patch so still waiting on getting my 3 BG wins for Adv.


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            Yeah, description says only when you get healed, and runes and buffs that heal don't count(so no suntoria). Seems kinda worthless to me for only 3 rage. Think i'll keep my rage rune. The delphic is pretty much worthless. Evenly distributed dmg makes it weaker against a group than rain of fire, and against a single target, 2 thunderers is a better use of 100 rage.


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              I like thisi thread now we mages can whine to instead of listening whining of knights and archers


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                also knights can screw our rage now with interecept being able to hit in rear too -_-


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                  I bet knights will butt in here and whine about it anyway.
                  Knights specially will try to convince you about mages OP'ness.
                  Well yeah i am a knight and i am no different :P
                  IGN: Kittylation
                  Server: Miniclip
                  Br: Never Fixed


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                    Okay am Adv Class now. did my 3 BG wins today. The Rage one you can still use Rage Rune. It goes 3 Rage, 4 Rage, 5 Rage. The Rune part is that it doesn't Proc from Runes or Buffs. So doesn't proc from Healing Rune or Suntoria.

                    It might proc from Regeneration Astral though. Going to need to pay attention to Regen when it procs to see if it will trigger off that.