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3.1 Update, Thank you

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  • 3.1 Update, Thank you

    Just wanted to post a positive comment on the new update to Wartune.

    Just started on the new server 521 Nyphen Forest and everyone is hyped at the new starter gameplay and especially the much improved storyline.

    Whoever was in charge of this update deserves some real Kudos, very well executed job IMHO.

    Before people come in to troll over Wedding costs or late game, this is entirely about the completely revamped Graphics and game (hell its almost a new game) for a starting out player.

    So again, Thank you!

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    I agree, everyone on my server is complaining!

    I love the new update, i love that the wboss got 2x the hp. since wboss on my server only lasted 9 minutes max. And know the less top players have some time to get their gold and daru!

    I love the new look of everytthing, like im starting all over again!

    Thanks r2 ( GTArcade) for this amazing update.


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      i enjoy the changes to astral interface, ive only been on for a few minutes but its so much simpler and faster (for those who do by hand). the increased space and the one click synth is finally one click instead of two. when spending hundreds of mills of gold those changes save me hours. the dragon loading bar is also cool