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where the hell is game master. my sword wants to talk to him

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  • where the hell is game master. my sword wants to talk to him

    game master, if u really are a game master, then u must keep the balance between classes, my poor knight is only good in battle rating, it looses to lower br archers and mages since after this maintanence, i know changes are for good, but u turned us in retards in shining tin armor that anyone can just penetrate.
    i don't see anymore use of knight class, just did bg today, got -1200 honor,
    in pve they always used to suck, so no hope in that field.
    in pvp untill now they hve been good, only on high lvls. and today u have taken away that too, once again i m saving, a knight is nothing without armor, and block was like armor. no hope in pvp anymore too since adv runes have just arrived, look over it if u dont want wartune to be turned in 2 class game. or ignore it.
    Honor: GDK
    KNIGHT ☣

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    Game devs just hate knights, no use of this bro