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Some small idea's going through my mind.

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  • Some small idea's going through my mind.

    Dear r2games ( GTArcade ).

    This is a note from me, and maybe some fellow players, about some idea's ive come up with the past couple of weeks. Ofcourse the chance this actually happening is not that high, but always worth a shot.

    1. A turn off players in the world boss section.

    This shouldnt be to hard to make, we have it everywhere important, except the biggest lag fest itself.
    Turning off players would reduce lag for me personally by a INSANE amount.

    2. Turning off server highlights.

    I mean if someone gets 100 catacombs for the first time, sure. I dont mind it being shown to everyone thats amazing, but i see it from the same people every single day. Same with gem packs, Some of the longer playing people, get 2000-5000 of those packs each event, and we cant even discuss in guild normally without it takine 75% of the chat the whole time.

    The new your battle rating is LOW message. ( or when losing )

    My battle rating is 67k on lvl 59, im not a camper, i just lvl slow . But everytime i lose fight, i need to click away 2-5 pop up messages that my BR is low and that i can pump it up by doing different stuff.

    A new battleground.

    After playing and enjoying your game for 2 years now, and loving every part of it, I and alot of other people would love to see a different battleground. This one is getting really old now. Maybe one as in LOA that you need to capture a flag in the middle and bring it to your base.

    These are some of the few idea's i have.
    Thanks for reading it all guys, it means alot to me!

    Happy wartuning
    Gz Lumi ( server 120 )

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    If you want new BG you gotta be advanced lv80.

    Rest is okay I guess, might help with some lag reduction.