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Legend Gear and Patch 3.1

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  • Legend Gear and Patch 3.1

    So I just want to point something out before others make any mistakes like I did and hoping that something will come out of the ticket I submitted.

    Anyways, the number of required epic shards for the 70 legend gear has been reduced. It use to be 25 epic shards per gear item to get it to legend. Now, weapon, hat, robe, and necklace all cost 15 epic shards each. And the Jewels and Rings cost 5 epic shards each.

    I was one of the unfortunate fools who purchased epic shards over time and not all at once. So I had a supply of 19 jewel epic shards before the patch...needing only to legend 1 jewel. Now I have an extra 14 epic shards with nothing to use them on.

    Just a heads up and I hope R2 will have some sort of exchange to fix the problem in the future.
    Server: S411
    Character: Strikereye
    Class: Mage

  • #2
    ohh yaaa,, i m lvl 70, i had bought all 25,,, i made 1 piece legend, now i hv 30 extra,i need loids,, if i had know i would hv bought the loids... r2 n its crappy ******* sadistic way of working,,,,, nvr inform whts going to come in new patch, uget to knw wht is coming after the patch is applied.


    • #3
      i too have been exchanging my insig and putting the shards away in vault. have 25 leg 70 armour
      21 leg 70 weapon
      29 leg 70 rings

      that is sooooo much work for now nothing

      thanks r2


      • #4
        ive got about 50 jewel shards and none for rings can we please get a trade/swap as compensation? it would have been great if you reduced the number of crystaloids and legendary stones needed to complete your gear also.


        • #5
          This is the punishment for us slow levelers.