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About new 4 vs 4 arena and league insignia.

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  • About new 4 vs 4 arena and league insignia.


    Didnt have the chance to do the new 4 vs 4 arena and was wondering if someone that did it could post the league insignias earned with a win and
    loss if possible, saw the league shop and its the only place where we can obtain adv. runes with these points but idk if it is really worth it (since i
    really hate group arena)

    Thanks in advance

  • #2
    its worth it, its about 6 league sigs per win and 1500 per week (for gold ranking=2nd tier). one active week of arena will get you a good amount sigs to adv a few runes. this first week will be pretty intense so unless you want them for cw, you can wait a little bit before trying.


    • #3
      What kind of advanced runes are there? Are they for a certain level? I don't see any extra slots for the advanced runes.


      • #4
        advance runes are lvls beyond lvl 10 (the previous max). same runes just alot stronger.