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Wild Boss After New Patch

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  • Wild Boss After New Patch

    Is it just me or the Wild boss E.g. ( Level 80 Bright Angel) has become hard, nearly impossible to kill?
    Bright angel was the easiest Wild boss, now every level 80 boss seems to OP
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    not just you, the boss indeed buffed. there was a thread about that a few days ago.
    they still havent fixed dark succuba tho
    Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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      Like I mentioned in another post, PvE now works like PvP, and each boss has some form of resistance/element attached. So while before your highest crystals = good defense everywhere, now that is no longer the case and there's a lot more damage being dealt from all things.


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        Seems impossible to get lvl 80 titles now.


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          before patch our team killed spirit of dark easily, now no longer the case...

          before patch, normal attack to me = 20K, after patch = 66K....

          our team can just do 70 BOSS now
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          Casual playing now, not gonna spend too much time


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            So is it about time to leave earth lol??
            IGN: Kittylation
            Server: Miniclip
            Br: Never Fixed