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Anyone else getting d/c'd

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  • Anyone else getting d/c'd

    a lot during 4v4 combat since the patch? I never got d/c in arena now I'm getting d/c like every 5 of these new 4v4 combats even in gb now which I used to not get d/c'd in. No it's not a bandwidth issue, I cleared history/cache etc before the patch and 3 times since. This is becoming rediculous and annoying.
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    i never dced, but heavily lagged/delayed. but i only have myself to blame because im running on 64kbps internet (yes, that is lowercase b) <_<
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      I dc'd in bg 3 times b4 the result lol. Still waiting for 2 wins
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        I am over and over.. Never had this issue until this patch.. its NOT my internet its the game disconnects me
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