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class advancement - ranks

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  • class advancement - ranks

    did anyone figure out what the rank you get after class advancement depends on? you level up ranks with exp so i would have thought the total exp matters, yet there some people with lower exp that start with a much higher rank than others with more total exp
    also from what ive seen and heared we get more upgradable astral slots and skillpoints at higher ranks. is there anything else we get after ranking up?
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    I think it depends on how much exp you have lying around that is not used up by talents yet. It seemed like my extra exp put me at a certain level and now I earn exp to level up and get a higher rank/more skill points.


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      it depends of how many exp you have before you hit advancement.
      When your exp bar is full, you become lvl 6 Imperial Dragon -class-
      And expbar can be filled afterwards, so you can update your lvl and name
      and get more skill points and dragon soul slots


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        im rank 7 now no new skill point looks like u need 2 lvl to get 1 skill point again
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          you get more skill point (yes singular) every 10 levels. Click the in game tooltip it tells you a little more info...


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            There are 8 stages in total:
            1. Trainee
            2. Noble
            3. Grand
            4. Honorary
            5. Imperial
            6. Sacred
            7. Mythic
            8. Dragon

            Every stage has 10 levels that you get with XP. For example, a L7 Imperial Dragon Knight will levelup after about 80m xp into a L8 Imperial Dragon Knight.

            Every stage gives you:
            - 3 skill points (?)
            - 1 more astral slot to refine (?)
            (+ ?)

            Every level gives you:
            - a not very fancy levelup message

            For starting stage/level, I don't know. I think it's made so that people who just come to L80 and advance will get L1 Trainee, but almost everyone who advanced with me got Grand/Honorary/Imperial (and we were all L6 for some reason, possibly because page 1 of the dragon soul contains 6 spheres).
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