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    necro cuz this is a serious issue. that we have yet to hear anything official on that i'm aware of

    i have a lvl 66 toon that can only achieve 19 Talent levels. thats it. previous caps wer 30 for HS and 38 for Talents. even if i reset my talents and put all into HS i only get to lvl 19 . thats 11 levels behind the previous cap. which a good many have and i have been stunned a number of times in BG and arenas by these people.. I cant fix it. i cant cash to fix it. the only people that can fix it is the devs.

    this is an incredibly unfair advantage that exists. causing imbalance in the game. it's been going on for over a month now and no official word on it. what the hell. can it just be impossible for the devs are they really that inept. i'm tired of reading arguements from players about this issue. i got 6 pages of posts on another publisher and still hear nothing. we as players need to keep this problem in their face. or they will just seep it under the rug


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      i really cant believe that this issue isnt getting the player attention it should have with as many people that are here on R2 Servers.

      you as players are being cheated out of wins points insignia and honor. all due to an imbalance The Devs created. i dont understand why there isnt a bigger uprising about this here


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        this is still an issue. over a month has went by and nothing being done about it. atleast nothing we are being informed of. would be niceo get a "We are working on it" or the like


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          Following up yet another month down the road. We've lost more than half the membership in ONE MONTH over this nonsense. More than half in my guild. More than half in my server. The spenders are starting to go silent, in spite of their "investment"...they're actually realizing it's just money spent and gone, thanks to this EXP nerf, and are getting more willing to leave as their friends do.

          Good going, 7Road! You've figured out how to alienate your players, kill much good will, and, by continuing to give us this high-handed silence, you're on exactly the path to killing your own goose-laying-golden-eggs as I predicted in this thread back a couple of months. Not that it was much of a prediction. Anyone with a brain could tell you in a few seconds you were being too greedy on this for your own good, and were going to kill your game.

          One more telling point, there are far fewer new Kabam servers being made now. The word is out, and people are avoiding Wartune. It's mostly because of this ONE issue. No amount of other development is going to stop that.

          Fix this problem, or lose the rest of us. It's that simple.