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Quest Tracking + Amethyst mine rewards.

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  • Quest Tracking + Amethyst mine rewards.

    Is it able to add option "Show/Hide Quest Tracking"? also with "Upgarde BR tips".
    I play at low resolution, and when i'm on wilds, my screen is overloaded by some text what i dont need at this moment, it would be awsome if i can turn it off.

    there is a option to hide with arrow >, but dont know how when use it, after 10-30 seconds it show again... ;/

    Also when mounts are changed to usable from 16lvl, can u also change rewards from amethyst mine? mean that mount for 20k amethyst, also should be able for players 16lvl+.

    Regards, Matt
    Last edited by PtaQ90; 08-16-2014, 02:01 PM.