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Free or Gold, Single Player Campaign for Legend stones

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  • Free or Gold, Single Player Campaign for Legend stones

    I would like to see a free or gold daily single player campaign for legend stones. The campaign could give like 1-3 legend stones daily like some campaigns now drop crystalloid. It's really hard to find a party for the multi player dungeons.

    If the developers do not want to create a new campaign just edit the old ones and add the chance of 1-3 legend stones daily....maybe just add the option to do the multi player dungeons on different settings for different rewards.

    Examples: 10 for 4 players, 7-8 for 3 players, 2-3 for 2 players, 1-3 for 1 player...with the rare chance for the boss to give 5 like normal for all settings. The bosses battle rating should change depending on the setting.
    Last edited by Venomous_; 08-17-2014, 05:26 PM.