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Add 4th page in inventary

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  • Add 4th page in inventary

    Hey devs, after you are adding more and more things to game and we have to collect more stuff, add 4th page in inventary, cuz right now 3 pages are not enough!!! Its fair deal - we will have more room, and you will get more money, cuz considering the price of 3rd page... 4th will be alot more expensive.

    P.S. Or at least give us more levels of vault. Cuz lvl10 its miserable.

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    this solution is for cashers only.
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      What is the purpose when unlocking it very expensive.
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        Only thing worth improving anymore is implementing 9999 stacks. It is already possible to have a stack of 1.1K insingia so it wouldnt take long to make stacks of 9999.


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          Originally posted by Timmyspook View Post
          this solution is for cashers only.
          Still better than nothing. As we know devs are not doing anything for free, so thats the only solution.
          They will never give us 9999 stacks, exactly cuz they want from us to buy more room... well then at least to give us that room to buy it.


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            so far, all they do is annoy their consumer. many of us are now using the mail inventory. it doesn't cost us a cent but just a pain to have to do it after each gem / SC / mount event
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              Non-cashers can manage with just 8 or so lines in inventory, though being a non cashers too with about 2 pages (thanks to old vouchers) still manage to fit everything in so I'm pretty sure if u just spend a few mins tidying it and getting rid of junk you'll b fine B-)
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