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  • Server dying

    I play on server 10 and since the mass opening of like 17 servers since 10 opened our population is way down. We have like 5 different 3 v 3 groups, and 100 or less for each world boss, the mid day one has around 60 people. The top three players on the server are uber spenders. No one else can win anything against them causing them to get stronger and stronger with no way to catch them. The game needs server merger with a lot of re balancing. Or this game will die

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    This same thread has been made several times now and I agree with what you are saying but what happens is R2 makes more money when new servers open up cause players want to be the top player and spend money. It will slowly kill the servers but this is a business and they gotta make money to keep it F2P. Doesn't mean I agree with what is being done but I can understand it.

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      server merge is not needed right now wartune has many bugs that need fixing before any type of server merge because when the server merges start up they will cause even more bugs knowing r2 so first thing they need to do is fix all the bugs plus you don't need other people to enjoy this game the only place where other players come into account is multiplayer dungeons battle ground and group arena and lets face it battle ground you can do by your self because the crystals are the only thing you need to make your chest sure you need honor but doing carts gives you honor as well.