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gaining xp from farming in wild

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  • gaining xp from farming in wild

    i haven't played much of this game but would like to suggest some of my opinion regarding the xp.

    1) atm i am lvl 36 and don't have much thing to do besides bounty quest. they are only place for good xp. and catatombs( but cant use more than once since i am non vip). so i would like to suggest that could u make when we kill monster in wild we get xp like there lvl *100 ( for eg: if we kill 39 lvl enemy we get 39*100=3900 xp). this could help pass some time and at the same time we are getting xp.

    well that's my view
    every person is different and they may have something to say so i don't mind if some1 disagreees with this thought.


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    You would get more exp from that then you would the monsters in the solo dungeons. I do agree that you should be able to get xp from the wilds monsters though but they would have to tone it down some or the solo dungeons would be obsolete.

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