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For the last time R2

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  • For the last time R2

    Fix your ****, I am not even going to detail the massive amount of issues with this new patch, basically nothing works.......

    Half my server has stopped playing

    If you do not get off your *****, provide decent compensation for the issues you will lose 90% of your customers...

    R2 employees You will be out of a job, dressing up like a monkey and dancing on a street corner to feed your kids....

    Do you really want that?

  • #2
    I'd bet this isn't the last time.


    • #3
      Well who is the droll little troll, xeonrf, I made a point , you made a meaningless stupid statement... I guess you win... opps no I was wrong, your a waste of a skin.


      • #4
        Your wasted little point has been made in other threads many many times since the patch. Didn't really need to start another one. Waste of my time reading your drool.


        • #5
          Who is the fool who reads the drool, who is the dolt who knows not when to halt , xeonrf is who , yes xeonrf is who....


          • #6
            Wow. I'm just overwhelmed by your wit.


            • #7
              Do you see what i just did to you above, If not it seems your mind could use some love...

              Stop playing stupid little games, takes some time to finish school, and maybe, just maybe, you will prevail...

              Learn some words, learn to express, stop looking at internet tail....

              And maybe, just maybe, you will not continue to fail....


              • #8
                No need to start acting childish.
                "The trolls of the Ramtops call her Aaoograha hoa ("She Who Must Be Avoided")
                and the dwarf name for her, K'ez'rek d'b'duz, translates to "Go Around the Other Side of the Mountain."

                On holiday. Please refer any issues to