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Dragon Invasion - No Rewards

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  • Dragon Invasion - No Rewards

    Hello, I was just doing my daily Dragon Invasion quest, and when i got at the rewards point....surprise, " this is not your first invasion today, cannot collect the rewards" message popped out. I know for sure it was the first time when i got in, i used my warrior call, 60 stamina and 20 mins of my time and got rewarded with.....experience. And on top of everything I can't even submit a ticket. Do u think are u gonna fix this problems, and i am waiting to get fully compensated for it.

    *** TotEu

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    Same thing happened to me. I submitted a ticket but haven't heard anything back yet. No surprise, since I'm sure they're flooded with tickets right now.

    I did run an mpd with the rewards box unchecked right before it, so it might be related to that, or it could be a random bug.

    Submit a ticket when you can, I guess; that's the only way you're likely to get compensation, if they even do give it for this.


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      Every time when i try to submit a ticket the page dissconects...


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        Same happened to me; submitted a ticket and totally ignored


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          its a bug, dont help ppl w/ mpd b4 u do DI first
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