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Dragon invasion

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  • Dragon invasion

    When entering a solo dungeon or MPD there is a warning that says you don't have stamina and cant get rewards, or you have used your attempt. For dragon invasion you can enter with no such warning, nor are you able to leave, get the stamina and return (if you do you lose the stamina but can't obtain rewards).

    This is totally stupid particularly with so few people being available to do Dragon invasion. I suggest

    1) Fair warning upon entry - or allow people to exit and gain stamina (not a hard coding problem to count attempt only after starting boss)
    2) No loss of stamina for "helping" others.

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    I 100% agree with this...with so few people able to run Dragon Invasion right now to have to use 60 stamina just to help people this is outrageous. We have 9 people total capable of running 1 person helped run a group through leaving 2 people unable to run this because impossible to get far with only 2 people. Fix this issue of stamina drain for "helping."

    Attempts: The event can be attended several times per day, but players will only be rewarded once. Each reward attempt costs 60 Stamina.

    How to Participate
    Dragon Invasion is a multiplayer dungeon in which players can join in teams of up to 4 players via Ricky in Cloud City. Players can decide whether or not to receive rewards when entering the dungeon, choosing not to receive rewards will not cost the player stamina.

    Based on these to parts of the patch info found on wartune and r2s sites along with in the forums from the info on the patch this should be what is happening. Use 60 stamina for your first time around if you choose to, or don't use the 60 stamina. And then from then on if you did use the 60 stamina you should be able to enter without using stamina. Meaning this is a bug and I'll be reporting it as such.
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      its also say man have 2 attempts per day, the first 60 stamina give reward, the secounds 60 stamina just give exp but no reward like Dragon Essens or Hoof must be a bug.

      Click image for larger version

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