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[Activity] Rewards for Guides Part Three

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    Server: [S30] Nightmare Dungeon
    Character Name: Keii
    Class: Archer
    Level: 31


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      hahaha., it's funny how many people are so eager to receive the rewards but only few people understand what this thread is all about...
      this is an epic example of laziness, greed and stupidity combined


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        server: [S4] Brethen Abyss
        character name: tagzter
        class: Archer
        level: 43


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          *meep* give reward to strongest *meep*
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            yes, there are those of us though who have made threads and are curious as to the results of the "competition" lol
            Chrono - Assistant Guild Master of Uncharted - [S10] Termini Cliff


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              ^ true., result gm?

              actually, there are results already... there is a "Congratulations! blah blah..." phrase on guides picked for the rewards.
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                have they done it with the class guides though?
                Chrono - Assistant Guild Master of Uncharted - [S10] Termini Cliff


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                  Server: Serpent's Den
                  Character Name: lordofone
                  Class: Archer
                  Level: 29


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                    Server: [S37] The BloodLands
                    Character name: Traxes
                    Class: Archer
                    Level: 22


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                      Server: [S32] Chaos Field
                      Character Name: StrawBerryâ„¢
                      Class: Archer
                      Level: 39


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                        first of all

                        sign up account in wartune
                        2. choose desired server.?(S16) thats my server.. LadyKnight21 level=32
                        3.then go to this website:
                        this is a free gift . contains cool equipments so that you are already high or first with your friends.

                        JUST LIKE THIS:
                        Your code is:

                        then copy "tWyTwuo3aIJsmJr4"


                        next step:log in ur and choose S16 or the server you choose.



                        Gift Code Redemption

                        First, click the Bonus button located at the top right of your screen.

                        Next, select the Check-In tab.

                        Next, click the Event Prizes button, located just above the in-game calendar.

                        Next, input your gift code and click the Exchange button.

                        Your rewards will be sent to you by mail. Check your mail to redeem your items!

                        and thats only first step and theres more wait for my next post guys .. add me on facebook for more questions . allright..^_^

                        this is my
                        facebook account:



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                          guys i missed deep and concluded archer guild. That one from pronab is just for begginers in my opinion.


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                            Need Rewards~ ._.

                            So...Have rewards been given out yet? or when will they?
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                            'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~


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                              Originally posted by ProNab
                              So...Have rewards been given out yet? or when will they?
                              Original posts states the activity will go for 2 weeks, so check back after the 26th.
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                                i cant join..... too busy in real world :s
                                Server: 64 Permbridge
                                IGN: ♫☺JeaN☺♫
                                Job: SpellWeaver
                                Guild: Eminence