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[Activity] Rewards for Guides Part Three

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    S20 twilight arena


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      World Boss combo list for Knights(for mid level players who can sustain min 3 hits)Conditions are having a 80plus rage at the beginning

      do first hit Delphic destroyer or enhanced Delphic destroyer or shadow thrasher next hit activate your ultimate slasher once the delphic is carried out..the knight will hit one normal hit and again a ultimate get two consecutive shots while the boss hit you after you hit twice...then you can use a normal slasher or other skills but activate the ultimate slasher as fast as you can to hit him twice in a worked for me...and if you are a high level before boss uses his special attack use knight's intercept to reduce his rage so he cant attack.Thanking you..Vanguard.server s 15, lvl 40

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        Server [S40] Bloodlands
        Character: Annebeatrice
        Class: Archer
        Level: 36


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          Server: [S17] BoneYard
          Character Name: RedArrow
          Class: Archer
          Level: 42


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            Server: [S38] The Void
            Character Name: Eliot
            Class: Archer
            Level: 24


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              Server: [S14] Serenity Lake
              Character Name: Amaraa
              Class: Knight
              Level: 45
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                Server: [S36] Graveyard
                Character Name: Aurimas
                Class: Archer
                Level: 37


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                  Server : [S14] Serenity Lake ^^
                  Character Name : TheDevilXD
                  Class : Archer ^^
                  Level : 26 ^^


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                    Not sure if mine will qualify. But worth an ask.

                    Name: Glimmer
                    Guild: Valhalla (was in Fire&Blood)
                    Server: S37 The Bloodlands
                    Class: Knight
                    Lvl: 53


                    Browser Setup & Anti-Lag Guide


                    • Kill More Die Less (KMDL) let the battle begin. Any questions PM me

                      SERVER: S2
                      NAME: VALDUL
                      CLASS: MAGE
                      GUILD: MARINES
                      LVL: 37
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                      SERVER: (S2) Edena Village
                      CLASS: Mage (59)
                      GUILD: KoW

                      KILL MORE DIE LESS


                      • Server : [S5] ROARING WETLANDS
                        Character name : suga
                        Class : ARCHER
                        level : 44

                        just wanna say........ WARTUNE......I LOP U..*^_^*


                        • Server:[S31]
                          Character Name:™JµLI♥°


                          • Originally posted by R2CS_Stormaggedon View Post
                            We’re aware that there are some hard-core players who are enthusiastically making a number of helpful posts in the forum to assist other players and make their enjoyment of the game better. And now we need their abundant in-game knowledge and experience. We will be giving rewards for original game guides, written by the players themselves. If we then select a guide the player will receive a reward.

                            Every two weeks we'll be updating with the type of post that we'll need. We will then choose 5 winners out of the posted guides. Using a super secret method that is secret (so don't bother asking, we're not telling!), we will select 1st through 5th place guides. The 1st and 2nd place guides will receive the Level 2 rewards listed below. The 3rd through 5th place guides will receive the Level 1 rewards listed below.

                            This week's Guide of Choice: Classes Anything about the Classes will do. A specific Class' skill set, equipment for a Class, just so long as the guide has something to do with one of Wartune's three Classes.

                            Level 1 Rewards:
                            • 70,000 Gold
                            • 40,000 Daru
                            • Purple Bounty Scroll x1
                            • Stamina Potion x2
                            • Two Seeds randomly selected from the list below:


                            Level 2 Rewards:
                            • 100,000 Gold
                            • 50,000 Daru
                            • Enhanced Bounty Scroll x 1
                            • Extreme Stamina Potioin x 1
                            • Two Seeds Randomly selected from the list below:


                            If a guide is chosen, we will leave a message in the post and pm him through the forum mailbox.

                            “Congratulations! You got a reward for posting guides for beginners, please be sure to check your mailbox for our message. “

                            Please add the server name and character name to the post after you were made aware that your game guide was chosen. The reward will be sent within 24 hours after we make note of your character name and server. Also be sure to include a link to your guide below so we'll be sure to see it!

                            iMsKiLLeR's Starter Guide for All Classes!


                            Server : [S4] BRETHERAN ABYSS
                            IGN : iMsKiLLeR
                            Class : Archer
                            Current Level : 53
                            § Top 2 - [S4] Bretheran Abyss §
                            ♥ Guild Master of Kingdom ♥


                            • Server: [S1] Temple Of Ibalize
                              Character Name: PrinceArthas
                              Class: Knight
                              Level: 37


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                                Chrono - Assistant Guild Master of Uncharted - [S10] Termini Cliff