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[Promotion] Crypt Pack

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  • [Promotion] Crypt Pack

    Duration: 9/23 - 9/25 23:59(Server Time)

    • R2Games: S1 - S525
    • Kabam: S1 - S105
    • Armor Games: S1 - S8

    Description: Available through the next few days, the Crypt Packs will be on sale in the Shop!

    Crypt Pack II x1
    Price: 39 Balens. Limit of 100 per day.

    Crypt Pack II x10
    Price: 349 Balens. Limit of 20 per day.

    Crypt Pack II
    Open to randomly receive ONE of the following:
    • Crypt Tokens x25
    • Runestone x3
    • Mount Training Whip x3
    • Crypt Tokens x100
    • Crypt Tokens x1000
    • 1,000,000 Gold
    • Scarlet Plume x1

  • #2
    great.. more whip packs. Check the popular fan site before you buy any of these. He's shown the majority of drops are mount training whips, not crypt tokens.


    • #3
      Its not a crypt pack but whip/runestone pack. 65 % of drops will be whips and runestones.Also the wings in it could be bought week ago for 1999 balens so unlike dark hellion wings they are worth nothing more.


      • #4
        This pack was great for me. FINALLY something that gave me what I need. I gained 3 1ks. Got my 2nd lvl 70 jewel legendized, and now working on my helm/body piece. And gained some gold too. Which helped a lot with left over gem packs and enchanting. Also, I was not worried about getting wings. I got them when they were on sale Sunday. That and the Scarlet clothing. THANK YOU R2 for having this pack. Was great for me.


        • #5
          Just my personal opinion: strip off first three of them ( crypt tokenx25, runestone x3 and whip x3 ) and i buy bunch of them ..BUT that just my opinion ( and for my own sake, of course lol )
          Mellisan of S3 Worg Lair out ( for good i more fun in arena 4v4 mean no more fun in wartune* since in patch 5.1 R2 decide to match campers with lvl 70++ ( win some-lose some* still no fun at all). Cya our beloved friends ( and dont expect meeting ANY of us in any other R2 games*WILL NEVER HAPPENED )