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Wartune Weekly Server Launches 9/22 - 9/28

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  • Wartune Weekly Server Launches 9/22 - 9/28

    For those of you looking to start out on a brand new server, here is the list of servers opening up for this week:

    On Monday the 22nd of September at 9:00 AM PDT, we'll be releasing S537 Slopping Fortress, a West Coast Server.

    On Thursday the 25th of September at 5:00 PM GMT, we'll be releasing S538 Cleminster, an European Server.

    You can check out all the activities and promotions for new servers here in this thread and access the current list of servers right here.

    Stay tuned for our Facebook: and forums to have the access to the latest Wartune news!

  • #2
    Thanks for the on-time message of a new euro server


    • #3
      it is a shame about the west coast being announced the day after it was launched.

      Willow. RIP 30/10/14 you will be missed.


      • #4
        Probably its important open new servers, instead merge old servers, which die day by day. and players are less and less.
        Good job R2, keep that


        • #5
          that's because servers like mine, 23 are turning to **** with soo much lag, most have to try several times for 30 minutes to log in, if you refresh you can't get back, all browsers are the same and clearing cache and cookies have no effect. its not just me, its the entire server. its not just certain events, its the entire game. we all know you made enough money from us to hire a decent programmer. get your fingers out of your butts and start fixing your game or cashers gonna stop cashing and go spend somewhere else on a game whose programmers actually care.


          • #6
            is Slopping Fortress where they keep the pigs?


            • #7
              Originally posted by Ptherion View Post
              is Slopping Fortress where they keep the pigs?
              LOL, where is the "like" button when you actually need one?


              • #8
                Why new European Server not start yet?


                • #9
                  when the srv will start?


                  • #10
                    any1 here?


                    • #11
                      any east coast servers starting soon


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                        Originally posted by R25818245 View Post
                        any east coast servers starting soon
                        There was one released last week, there will probably be one next week.
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