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[Guide] Group Purchase

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  • [Guide] Group Purchase

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    Group Purchase is a special event in which players can buy certain items at a discount, the more people who purchase an item, the greater the discount will be. Players even have a chance to win bonus packs and prizes once the event ends.
    Lucky Draw: During settlement, players have a chance to earn free luck in which all Balens used for their purchase will be returned!

    • The Group Purchase event will appear in the Hot Events panel when the event begins.
    • Each item has an initial price which will gradually grow cheaper as more people purchase the item. Once the event ends, the final price reached will be what everyone in the event actually pays. For players who paid more for that item in the event, the system will return the extra Balens once the event ends.
    • Once the event is over, purchased items and extra Balens will be sent to players via mail. Plus all players who purchased items from the event will have a chance to try their hand in the lucky draw found within the Group Purchase Panel.
    • Only Balens can be used in this event (Bound Balens do not count).

    Group Purchase FAQ
    • Balens received from the Lucky Draw will be added to the player’s current number of Balens, while purchased items will go directly to the player’s inventory or in-game mail if the inventory is full.
    • Both Balens and/or items received will go directly to in-game mail if player did not participate in Lucky Draw.
    • Purchased items and rebate Balens will be sent after Group Purchase ends.
    • Players cannot cancel purchases after they have purchased an item from Group Buy.
    • Balens used in Group Purchase DO NOT count towards the Big Spender and One Time Goodie Bag events.

  • #2
    This event is a total dud on our server...only two items are being bought. The rest still sit at zero.


    • #3
      the event is over and I have still not received the items I purchased


      • #4
        same **** happen to me I did not received my counter attck kit ... $40 dollards to the trash if I don't receive them, then this will lead to me going to my bank and showing them screen shots of a non service
        provided and I will get my money back


        • #5
          Ok you are not explaining this group purchase very well what group is this something you invite friends to do with you and do you get all the boxes to yourself or do you receive them after the event is over with your refunded balance or is the group ppl on your server seams kind of funny to me especially since when you go to the shop it says sold out


          • #6
            it looks like you dont actually get the stuff you bought until the event ends


            • #7
              can we use bound balens?


              • #8
                no bound balens