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Wartune Sylph Atoll Events - New Arrives 10/15!

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    Help Im really near of Lvl 8 stable but no reward can i reach lvl 8 and get any reward for reach lvl 8 in another event later??


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      Originally posted by bakuryuuha View Post
      can you increase the stack size to 99999 instead? I ran out of space even with 9999 thanks to the new exchange rate of 20 SC instead of 5 SC....almost 300k SC making my bag about to burst at the seams...not to mention needing almost 103M gold to convert all my level 4 gems....while the events are nice...the clicking part isn' idea how i keep getting more and more whips gems and SCs every month without having to buy balens but I'm only complaining about the lack of collect all button
      Or just make everything 9999 stack instead of just a handful of items. Lvl1-3 Gem Packs are still 999 stack, which is crazy given how many are being handed out these days.