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[Guide] Golden Road

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  • [Guide] Golden Road

    Requirement: Lvl. 18+

    Attempts: No limit

    How to Participate
    • The Golden Road is a board game style solo consumption event that unlocks upon reaching level 18. Simply click on the event icon at the top of the screen to participate.

    Click image for larger version

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    • Players can receive rare rewards including gems, Soul Crystals, Mount Training Whips, Fate Stones, Clothing, Mounts, and more!

    • Click on event icon to enter the event panel and then click on the Dice to start playing. The character piece will walk the number of steps rolled and receive the corresponding reward for the spot s/he lands on.
    • Each step can earn the player points. Super Dice can be used once the point bar reaches 100%.
    • Stepping on a "Question Mark” will earn the player even greater rewards; try to land on these spots when using Super Dice to roll!
    • Players can consume Balens to enter a Double Bonus Mode and receive double rewards.

  • #2
    so wait, its balens only for double bonus or for any spin we wanna make?


    • #3
      cashers only


      • #4
        So should be called balen road *** they cant do anything right!


        • #5
          yup purly for cashers


          • #6
            wow an only casher event -_-
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            • #7
              i am not a casher but i don't complain.... cashers are needed so we don't have to pay brothers and sisters.... let them be... I personally want to thank all you cashers for making this game free for the rest of us...

              udibay s337 - moondrift ...

              peace to all and may your day be better than those in pain of war and famine.


              • #8
                You guys are really cupcaked thanking cashers!!! Prices are insane some players spended over 100k$ in a year for servers to run like they do right now(with all bugs and lag etc) 5 whales like that and the run normally. And they have 20+ + many that spend over 1K$ per month and ton of players that buy vip and some recharges. this game is golden goose so thanking for only balen event adn cashers is so cupcaked is funny.

                They can lose 80% of current cash flow and game would still be profitable but on verge of closing down cause then they would get another golden goose. Still thanking cashers or for **** event like that is insane!!!!!


                • #9
                  another cashers event , unbelievable -_-


                  • #10
                    So the level 10 gem transposer recipe just gives a bugged item rather than a recipe, nice to see r2 once again made no effort to test before releasing.


                    • #11
                      Where to Expect from themClick image for larger version

Name:	89.gif
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ID:	1697540 Working at R²,
                      But from me its a NO
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                      • #12
                        I dont mind spending 50 balens(50 cents) per pull on this. What does bother me is them not proof checking the code before this goes live. I did the event because I have never been lucky to get a lvl 10 transposer from necro. So I still needed 1. I finally get it doing this event and low/behold its not a working one. Now I am still stuck, but now with an item in my bag I cant move unless goto the guild vault. I sent in the ticket and got the generic response that we are working to resolve the matter and just compensation. Here is a hint, I did the event for the transposer, so my compensation, how about what I actually went for, the 10 transposer.


                        • #13
                          Hey lvl 10 synthesis gem scroll not working!


                          • #14
                            another player here that needed and got lvl10 transposer only to be fooled I want it fixed so i can use it


                            • #15
                              spent 500 balens and got wings which was nice
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