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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 10/30 @ 3:30 AM EDT

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    Originally posted by codrut1979 View Post
    i opened last event over 600 boxes for one apollo seal. Pff, great drop rate. Bought 430 chests. Got 80k gold and few sh its. They really changed the drop rate form 0,5% to 0,2% or dont know maybe someone can calculate.
    last event i open somnthing 15-cet 1 apollo this event open like 5-10 and i cet 2x hades seal so nothing wrong this trop rate haha


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      Originally posted by katakii View Post
      last event i open somnthing 15-cet 1 apollo this event open like 5-10 and i cet 2x hades seal so nothing wrong this trop rate haha
      I open 1 box: Hades

      Open another box later that week: Apollo

      I have same drop rate as you

      just good luck and others have bad luck
      Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


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        Originally posted by DevilGrave View Post
        [ATTACH=CONFIG]110842[/ATTACH]Fix the bugs in Dragon invasion an with Poseidon wings as well since they are causing lag issues an dc issues
        Only bug i have seen on dragon invasion is on level 2 you aren't able to attack you basically are stuck auto attacking until you die and its fixed. Second item, hide your clothing before doing dungeons or arena or anywhere you are getting lag (that much should be obvious by now) and second if you are having "DC issues from a set of wings" either don't play on that computer or just (and i mean this) DON'T wear them. See problem solved.


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          Originally posted by R222998378 View Post
          but i'm sure you didn't read it carefully .you don't have the quest because you have completed it. worgs lair is a dungeon and worg's demise is a mission and everyone have played it because s/he had to. it was 9th quest of the game:

          Worg's Demise is the ninth quest of the game and the ninth quest of the main quest series, available as soon as Claim Gold Mines is finished. It is the first quest in which a dungeon must be entered.

          when you claim your first gold mine in the game you get a new quest that is called worg's demise and now they want to add a crypt key to the mission as a reward.
          simply that means that only the players that havent gotten that quest yet have a change too get one cryptkey... -but they do say "new quest".... ques only time will show what this will give uss...
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            noob quest^^: anyone knows when SC event is?


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              looks like im the person with worst luck ever in this game i play from 2 years and till now i didn't get any mount or sylph from events like this last event opened 350 boxes and nothing ....


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                Originally posted by R26910819 View Post
                any suggestions about good internet games?
                Huh? Massively multiplayer online games (MMOG) you mean?
                “Men trust God by risking rejection. Women trust God by waiting.”


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                  Originally posted by dyddy View Post
                  noob quest^^: anyone knows when SC event is?
                  first couple days of the month i would imagine then whip is end of first half.


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                    grrrrrrrrrrr maintensnce again


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                      I see he who shall not me named has upgraded from lord to king. Either way it doesn't matter...ignore him in hopes he goes away.


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                        Well dear voldemort i think you are right
                        all these people and what they write.

                        its so bad rhymes we have to read
                        i nearly fell off my feet

                        Now stop all your worries in a bag
                        its allmost time to start playing with lag


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                          im amazed how many stupid people can't seem to find the PINNED POST about the lv 10 gem scroll issue...


                          • #58
                            and if I could....

                            The maintenancew is bogus...R2 doesn't fix the lag issues, they don't fix the client issues, they dont care to fix anything, they take the money and keep on chooglin....


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                              e maintenance has been going on for 7 hours now and its really starting to **** me off


                              • #60
                                when R2 gonna fix the DC issue ?

                                our whole server get DC sometimes 3 times a day

                                and happens a lot during DI

                                make an option you get rewards in mail if you DC

                                I lost so much loot allready its insane :@
                                Let the Darkside influence you