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[Announcement] Emergency Maintenance 11/27

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    Originally posted by EllegonMcleod View Post
    ToA cannot be done "anytime" .. (this is only true for those that dont know better and dont think)
    1st Place, Guild Master must be online,
    2nd Guild Members need to be online - otherwise is a waste.
    3rd ToA needs to not conflict with other events or is yet another loss of one or the other.
    In addition, it cannot be done after 0444 without running past 0500 reset which results in loss of ToA for the next day.
    Agreed that while R2 does not read these posts, there are dumb a's that think they are smart a's who do so love to see their posts on forum.
    This forum is usefull for information and sound opinion, but not for a graffiti board.
    To attack or defend R2 here is a waste of text. To just spout off is also a waste.
    Pointing out the fallout from situations is valid and useful even if R2 does not (usually) read it,
    simply because it teaches some players to think thru what other players experience in this game.
    without Wisdom, its only gossip.
    finally one who got my point... i know r2 don't read this i know r2 won't give us compensation (possible nothing) to cover 10% of what we lost...


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      and here is the compensation:
      300k gold and daru, one xp scroll 100% and one stamina potion of 50 =)))
      what we've lost and what we've got.
      now guys, it's time to bring some money on the server, r2 loves us and show that to us every time when they can