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Wartune Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Events - New @ 11/28!

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    Originally posted by SkiaXia View Post
    Now if r2 went by your statistics, do you think they would get thousands like they do now? xD
    I think they would win more. For example, sylph have been here for more than a year. R2 should allow people to get tons of mahras and seps. so that a lot get orange sylph, then sylph wouldnt be an advantage for cashers any longer, so what would they do to get that edge again?? BUY the Schadow Souls (so R2 should sell packs to allow cashers maxt that). And so it should work always,

    After 3 - 6 month of letting cashiers have the big advantage on anything, they should let the other players catch up, then they "update" a new feature and allow cashers buy his way to power for another 3 - 6 month, and so on.


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      If the gem event is for rune stone DON'T DO THE EVENT .


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        Pathetic SC exchange event coming... no engraving event... limited gem event again.... GG wartune....


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          They give us a lvl 9 and 10 gem event and everyone's still gonna complain. Cant please anyone in this game.


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            We can undrestand that you want money , every company wants money especially when the game is free, but you think players will spend more , if you remove events or make them limited like the gem event , and by putting offers like this ? , we 're not asking for any free contenant or stuff , we juste want event that players can take advantage of it , weaker , stronger , free player or casher .
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