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Wartune Thanksgiving Day Events and Promotions - New @ 12/1!

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  • #61 are old enough to read and write, and you expect things to be fair?? amazing


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      Gotta add the same rant to this post as everyone else. Maybe they will see how many people they have ****** off and screwed over with this nonsense. To remove Training Whips and Runestones basically completely changing the Soul Crystal Exchange Event as well as Completely changing Gem Synthesizer Event by removing level 5 Gem Stones , making Runestones be the unwanted reward instead of Training Whips and also making each Gem claimable once per day. Are you numbskulls trying to drive people to not play this ? You thought taking things that allowed non cash shop players to advance a little away from us would make things fairer or perhaps make it so people would buy more Balens? Your logic does not compute and you should fire your accountants or programmers or any nitwit that came up with this bright idea. Your not gaining your losing and so is everyone else that plays. Thanksgiving my EXPLOIT DELETED !


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        Just don't spend money . They are trying to take from us money . Don't spend money .the gem event and sc must be like it was unlimited and with whips.