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Wartune Thanksgiving Day Events and Promotions - New @ 12/2!

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  • #16
    it always was 2k bal per +10 stats on mount. so the +30 mount costs 6k bal and the +40 mount costs 8k. this isnt new...


    • #17
      Not so bad events for me at least sc finally came needed a lot of gold for converting all gems if unlimited gem ever comes back well if it doesnt we still managed to play before it even came


      • #18
        $25 for 100 soul seals? This is getting ridiculous. You can get soul seals for free in the game. And, people wonder why there are new servers all the time. It's bc people are quitting the game all the time, because of stuff like this. The hot events for the last month have been horrible. Seems the highest br's are the ones getting all of the good stuff from the chests, and red astrals. And now... You lazy jackholes want people to work for you i the game, and do the job you're supposed to be doing.


        • #19
          Yes the game that has to pay for developers, maintenance, servers, bills, etc, etc. DOES want more money! The alternative is they DONT get more money and shut down their servers.


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            There is no defending them...they do overcharge for a lot of stuff. Is why I don't spend much money on this game. I like my wasted bucks to gain a lot more than they give out. Since I have started to play this game( Oct 2013 Kabam S45 ) I have seen a lot of players quit for these very reasons and to tell you the truth...I am surprised that I am still playing!!! can say I have an addiction to the is a cool game it's just over priced.