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[Event] Thanksgiving Day- Big Spender IV

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  • [Event] Thanksgiving Day- Big Spender IV

    Duration: 2014/12/8 00:00 - 2014/12/8 23:59 (Server Time)

    • R2Games: S1 – S552
    • Kabam: S1 – S115
    • Armor: S1 – S8

    Description: During the event, spend the required amount Balens (Bound Balens excluded) and be rewarded.

    • Spend 1,000 Balens to receive: 100,000 Gold,100,000 Daru, Soul Seal x5, Lvl. 1-5 Gem Pack x1,Plump Turkey x1
    • Spend 2,000 Balens to receive: 200,000 Gold,200,000 Daru, Soul Seal x15, Lvl. 1-5 Gem Pack x2, Plump Turkey x1
    • Spend 5,000 Balens to receive: 500,000 Gold,500,000 Daru, Sylph Sepulcrum x100, Lvl. 1-5 Gem Pack x5, Plump Turkey x2
    • Spend 10,000 Balens to receive: 1,000,000 Gold, 1,000,000 Daru, Sylph Sepulcrum x100, Mahra x100, Mount Hoof x50, Plump Turkey x10, Jester Wings x1
    • Spend 20,000 Balens to receive: 2,000,000 Gold, 2,000,000 Daru, Sylph Sepulcrum x200, Mahra x200, Soul Seal x100, Plump Turkey x20, Jester Wings x1

    Note: Each reward can be redeemed once per day.