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Wartune Weekly Server Launches 12/29 - 1/4

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    Originally posted by Gulldan View Post
    Last EAST Coast: 560 (Goramire)
    Last WEST Coast: 561 (Bawic Castle)

    Now reread what you´ve wrote.....
    i think spincycle dont know how to count @Gulldan ahaha..


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      SO server is coming up in next 2 hour or is it 26 hour from now, 30th is today but Wednesday is tomorrow,


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        For those of you looking to start out on a brand new server, here is the list of servers opening up for this week:
        • On Tuesday the 30th of December at 4:00 PM GMT, we'll be releasing S564 Jade Legion, an European Server.

        They changed it now.. ahaha.. took them awhile to notice the mistake..

        Must have been looking at the 2015 calendar thats why they think 30th of December was Wednesday.. xD


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          yes new start, i will be on that server! :O


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            Wartune Kabam Server Launch 12/30 @ 8:00 AM PST
            Kabam's platform will be releasing a new server for Wartune. Server S123 will be an West Coast Server, opening on December 30th at 8:00 AM PST.

            You can check out all the Activities and Promotions for new servers here in this thread. For any updates or changes, please keep an eye on this thread. See you in game!


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              Originally posted by LadyKaye View Post
              i think spincycle dont know how to count @Gulldan ahaha..
              I THINK LadyKaye needs to just CUPCAKE and stop trolling, and being a MAJOR LAMBE to others in here, and learn how to keep her big a$$ comments to herself


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                when will 565 open up


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                  Patiently waiting for a new East Coast server..