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Wartune Christmas Countdown Events - New @ 12/30

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  • #16
    no wartune lets get back to porntune.... why cant you put hide other players option in wb?


    • #17
      if there is no policy to install low rates for specific Balens for students?


      • #18
        we need fate stone event


        • #19
          Please put Free Balen Events!

          FREE Mount x 1,000,000
          FREE Whips x 100,000,000
          FREE Dragon Soul x 1,000,000
          Free Sepulcrum x 1,000,000
          Free Mahra x 1,000,000

          Also can you get those chests back with FREE Orange Sylph? I really enjoy my Orange Hercules, I want to get a FREE Orange Hades and Appolo now..

          Anything I missed guys?


          • #20
            Originally posted by Uwaga View Post
            no wartune lets get back to porntune.... why cant you put hide other players option in wb?
            This is a great idea! But.. I would add the option to hide some players forever, made them invisible on the server ) We all know why... )


            • #21
              we all wish


              • #22
                i agree, i used to be able to do everything each day, now i get about half done before i,m fed up


                • #23
                  I agree with the fact that there is becoming way too much to do, and is very time consuming to all. Over last two weeks, I have seen many players drop from game, because they could not afford the extra time to play, or they have become completely frustrated with the fact that as more events, etc. are added, the LAG increases dramatically. Fix the things that need fixing first, then work on events !


                  • #24
                    i wish...
                    - a new button "hide for all player" at WB like atoll bos.
                    - auto hide all player at city when open game
                    - a new button for "hide cloth" for player and boss/mpd

                    *dream on* :v


                    • #25
                      just cash events lol


                      • #26
                        If by 'cart' you mean Card Hunt,it has already been added to the hot events of this period.Also Amethyst Mine has been put in the hot panel for events,but it gives 200k EXP.

                        Noth this event too update card lvl 3-4-5 and get bonus that is a card event


                        • #27
                          Is this a typo error on this event? Red Nosed Reindeer Group Purchase

                          Duration: 2014/12/30 00:00 - 2014/12/31 23:59 (Server Time)

                          R2Games: S1 – S559
                          Kabam: S1 – S118
                          Armor: S1 – S8
                          Description: Group Purchase is there again for celebrating Christmas! Check out the list below to see what all is on sale!

                          Red Nosed Reindeer x20 Price: 779 Balen

                          When you look at in hot events in game says its value is 20k balens with a 93% discount but doing math 20 of these chests when bought in market only costs 780 balens so really it is only discounted 1 balen.


                          • #28
                            wt f"""""""" why remove from wilds Fruit?


                            • #29
                              The group purchase event is OVER
                              The 2 or 3 day waiting period is OVER
                              SO WHERE ARE MY CHESTS AND WHERE IS MY BALENS REFUND!!!!!

                              THESE ARE ONLY REDEEMABLE FOR ONE MORE DAY!

                              We need them NOW!