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[Coming Soon] Wartune 1.45 Patch Update--The New REVOLUTION

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    Good to see nice items on the v.ip wheel But what good does it make if we can't get them because the wheel is Rigged ? I've see a LOT of screenshots and experience myself some great ''opportunities'' with the v.i.p Wheel but No one ever got those loots.......And good job on the 55 gear BUT in 2-3 weeks i should already be 55 and over by then and waiting on 65 PVP gear....SO what about getting ahead of players this time PLZ !!!! but generally a good job r2 since im hooked to this game LoL


    • #17
      can none vip use there vip tokens cus i have so many and they always drop.... and i dont wanna pay


      • #18
        same with me its annoyin isnt it....


        • #19
          here's my balens! )


          • #20
            how about giving us a way to trade with other players i don't know how many times my wife and i got things each other could use i mean why bother making unbound items if we can't trade them


            • #21
              new oceanic server pls....


              • #22
                I just want to know how much insignia the lv 55 set cost =.=


                • #23
                  I got too much useless seeds. Planting these seeds simply takes away the time and value from other seeds that I really need to have.

                  Good to hear about these things.

                  Thumbs up!


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                    i hope there would be something good for non-cashers too..

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                      Absolutly Beautiful !! =]


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                        55 PvP set, hope it has added innovation on its bonuses or at least a bit more rage to start with.


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                          Did i just see multi server arena !!!!!!
                          R2 please tell me ur lying
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                            If you are going to restrict the non paying crowd, at the very least let us trade items. Not talking the best items like the gear sets, but like broken, worn items, gems, random loot. This game is a replay from the day before and the day before that cept for the chatting with friends. Better add something to keep the lowly masses interested or this game will be going nowhere fast.


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                              looking forward to dis


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                                why are people going so overboard about the vip wheel, the vip wheel is for VIP and has been unrewarding forever if you've paid attention to threads you would know this, VIP get better things just like in every single FTP game that is out there, you don't like it? too bad than don't spend the money it is your choice. VIP wheel is for and will always be for VIP players with ZERO chance being offered to non-VIP members. also read the notes better, this update IS NOT just about the VIP wheel. level 55 PVP set, awesome, been asking for this for a month now, Guild Wars, again awesome, an actual reason to be in a higher ranking Guild now, multi-server Arena, again awesome a chance to compete against different players an also I am assuming rewards for it will be very good. so, please stop complaining all the features being added are things we wanted casher and non-casher alike/
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