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[Coming Soon] Wartune 1.45 Patch Update--The New REVOLUTION

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    awesome stuff! might start saving my VIP tokens again for some big spins ^_^


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      Can't wait!


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        nice i like the look of the new wheel, makes being vip way more worth it. Thanks GMs


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          Originally posted by DarkShines View Post
          hey ,how about vip tokens to be sold ? 500 gold = 1 vip token
          that way all players will gain something vip players will gain tokens and non vip players will gain gold
          this guy got it! i wouldnt mind getting vip tokens if atleast i could sell em ... cant use them? and they sell for close to nothing? might as well not give them to me as a reward please and thankyou!
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            oooh i love the vip wheel well i cant untill all of these finally come out into play


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              Originally posted by Fearsong View Post
              If you are going to restrict the non paying crowd, at the very least let us trade items. Not talking the best items like the gear sets, but like broken, worn items, gems, random loot. This game is a replay from the day before and the day before that cept for the chatting with friends. Better add something to keep the lowly masses interested or this game will be going nowhere fast.
              so that those who got time to play would create 5 account and farms gems in cata to trade? LOL


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                VIP wheel good for those who are VIP but what about us normal players??? what are we getting?
                I do hope we get just as good stuff as some players cant afford to become VIP'S


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                  Cant Wait Looks Awesome
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                    add me in ur friend plss



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                      *cough* since we're already paying for the VIP status, you should allow for opportunities to get additional crypt keys from the wheel. That just seems fair. We're paying customers <3


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                        its just that for VIP. We are PAYING for the PRIVLEGE to use those tokens. God knows we next to never get anything decent since they ram jam it full or craptacular 1 and 4 hour seeds. So maybe this change to the wheel will finally make the tokens we get for PAYING to help the game a little bit more enjoyable to use.
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                          I love the way this looks!!!!! I can't wait for it to go live!


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                            Mystic Visions 1.45

                            It's so late..& a daze...mind... dancing thru this mystic haze...
                            Distant murmurs whispered down the halls...I come to focus.... on my.... crystal ball.

                            A vision appears
                            revealing "New Gears"
                            from crypts & arena's
                            gleaming & beautiful gifts from Athena

                            "Time" will come ...I do fear
                            to grab a "Mount" & ride,.... like Paul Revere
                            & tho I feel your passion...this is Not the time for "Fashion"

                            So spread your "Wings" & fly
                            to share this news with a rebel cry

                            Spread the news far & wide
                            across "New Lands" where enemies hide

                            Into this land, to pillage & plunder
                            I do command, send those enemies to their sunder
                            with new skills you have at hand

                            Once, new conquest's have been acquired
                            Then, we'll see about some new "Attire's"

                            I fumble thru my attire &..... find what I desire
                            loose change in my pocket...... OMG... a.... "4th Socket"
                            A gem for this be ?....I really must see
                            I gaze even deeper 'fore making ...this commitment
                            then I realize it's for ... "Epic Equipment"

                            Now get on your mount & primp up them wings
                            we set off... on a mission, of kings
                            Tryanny & Treasons & so many more
                            our Pride & Banners...that have been questioned & tore
                            for Honor & Glory my Brothers, ..we band
                            Feel a "Guild War" brewing across.... this darkening land.

                            I say at last,.... forget not your past
                            if you are true... you'll choose best to do
                            you turn & ask "Why this long road ?"
                            I Bless thee my may now travel,
                            in "Heroic Mode"

                            & now that I've said all that....share your happiness
                            with "Emoticon's" in chat

                            so if it's in's comin' ahead
                            & if it's in blue....well...there's still, ...more to do

                            So if it's not there not despair
                            you shouldn't be bummin' .....there's even "More Comin'"

                            Now when that day comes.... close tight the hatch...... what will be comin' is a really big patch

                            As my vision , comes to it's end
                            I best wishes to you all ...& Good Huntin'.... once again

                            PS: I say in a jiffy
                            if BG ideas have took latch... on this here big patch
                            it will really be longer I'm pummeled by them Lv50's
                            From the other wartune site. dont quote me from it. just a reference / heads up. I bear no responsibility from it.
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                              +1 and wow to the above post, very well crafted and i have to read in between the lines to get the clues of what the future would be for us wahahahhahaha. NICE ONE!


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                                The whole Idea of giving you non vips tokens is to induce you to buy vip status, they have no motivation to make them worthwhile to non vip's , the reality is it's a good marketing ploy for the game and they probably won't change it.