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[Coming Soon] Wartune 1.45 Patch Update--The New REVOLUTION

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    looking forward to it


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      the best way to allow trade in-game without risking the cash for Gear spammers that are rife in other MMO's is to make a guild vault that can be donated to by all but only the leader and officers of the guild can okay requests for items by guild members. I.E
      I donate a lvl 35 gear that ive upgraded and enchanted, some little dude sees it and requests it, guild leader sees the request and grants it. Nobody can loot, Nobody can earn, or gain. Requests can be limited to 1 daily, therefore no looting.
      This gives guilds the opportunity to better themselves as a whole and not have players lagging because they cannot find decent equips. Making Guild wars update a whole lot more challenging and evening the field.

      Just something to think about...


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        Love it!!!!!!! Now make this update to Desert of Despair!


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          :O omg.. so many new and exciting things coming out... I can't wait. I really like the updated VIP wheel
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              I really like the new gem conversion system that's presented here. I think this will really help out a bunch of players who may be behind some of the stronger players of the game.

              Everything looks great though. I'm just not really much of a person for mounts... However, I'm sure it will work out decent enough; I'll wait and see.
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                Gem conversation only needed for ATK gems - thats what i think. others - well normally you can put them all in. building lv by lv up each gem.
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                well real good games arent so much there.
                And wartune is not rpg - its more Political game

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                  yes i agree with that there should be a way to hide the box and turn off the announcements they take up so much space when you are trying to talk to someone and what is with them all popping in at the same time you have to scroll back up just to read it


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                    Battle grounds weaklings..

                    sir. can you have another Bg for palyers from lvl40-45 or 40-49.. because its too unfair for some of us just like me.. many high level people is chasing the weak one like me. lvl 53 vs lvl 40.. wow.. please sir.. thanks..


                    • when is this patch coming? I think i will become a vip when it comes out, this game is getting very good now.
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                      • Originally posted by R23628813 View Post
                        [ATTACH=CONFIG]27222[/ATTACH] sorry in advance pleasa help me why my account can not enter a black screen server continues..??
                        delete cookies and cache of your browser and then reload


                        • Seriously Guild Battles only on Sundays? What about those of us with families and aren't in on Sundays?
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                          • So it's ready now?

                            The R2 Team have been playing with it


                            • free CD(coldown) for VIP......>.<
                              doom for not VIP.....>.<

                              better off if this running
                              other is good update


                              • This all sounds wonderful - but one small thing that would make life a lot easier for those on the west coast of the US would be to add another BG earlier in the day. I am playing on S15 - and my work schedule is such that I literally can NEVER get into BG (so I have no honor) --- and I am at level 44 so do not want to switch servers.