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[Announcement] Halloween (10/31) Wartune Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EDT

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  • Originally posted by aconggard View Post

    aduh,, COLI dulu aja malah enak niih...
    jerk.. lol

    ciyus gue harus ganti sebutan indomie jadi indoWOW gitu ? trololol.. xD

    IGN : Asuma
    Server : [S48] Imperial Encampment
    Class : Archer


    • socking rod and crypt key would be nice give.......^o^
      happy working to all admin on testing server....look like some trouble on your string kernell.....o/


      • Originally posted by Skeetâ„¢ View Post
        Do you honestly believe that all the people crying on these forums are VIP players who pay for the game?

        -I'm not talking about just you sir; I'm talking to the general ragers that are currently occupying these forums.

        Stop blaming players, cashers or non-non-cashers, for R2's foul up.

        It's a natural reaction when they see a big mess up.


        • Originally posted by R23932341 View Post
          awesome thanks!@!@!@!@!@ i didnt think anyone would have been able to see that with all the spam hahah your the greatest!@!@!@!
          i look for serius things in forum and help ppl i can help ^^ so np if you get some problems just send a mail in here at forum and i give you a better explanation
          Name: Ewonya
          Guild: Fire&Blood
          Server: S37 The Bloodlands
          Class: Knight
          Lvl: 37


          • i dont think that u have to pay for a game in order to get mad if they r late on the updates.and personally i dont think its rage.for normal ppl anyway.who would felt rage for a game anyway.


            • Originally posted by AsumaSarutobi View Post
              ciyus gueh harus telpon ultraman dari jepang suruh ke sini cuma buat bantu gue bilang wow gituh ??
              bukan bantu elu bilang wow.. tapi bantu sentil titit elu yang imut, wkwkwkwk


              • ugtas much..


                • Click image for larger version

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                  Fixed the wartune server..indonesian player want to play that game...


                  • OMFG people wanted events for Halloween they are trying to do that for everyone and well GUESS WHAT!!!! Seem's to be a little problem with the format so it's going to take longer just wait the servers will be up they doing their best. MAN alot of whinner's with no life!



                      never say no to a panda..hahaha

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                      Guild: Immortals

                      IGN: Senju
                      Server: S5 Buddha's Dome, S7 The Golden Summit
                      Clan: S5 Moon, S7 EXODUS

                      I'm a non casher player

                      My Guide/s:

                      File a support ticket here:


                      • Lmfao, well wish they would hurry up with the carving :P


                        • sempak lamanyoooooo


                          • Update 3 pls : ..... geezzz @_@


                            • Originally posted by skullfire View Post
                              Man I am so lost right now my rutine is messed up ugh i want to play my game
                              Right there with you Vlad!


                              • still no words from the GM's
                                LIGHTNING! It Flashes bright then fades away.It cant protect it only destroys!