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[Announcement] Halloween (10/31) Wartune Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EDT

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    • yea, its really a hallowean joke ^^ waiting hehehe
      s31 Mage 55lvl+


      • Originally posted by R24758309 View Post
        bukan bantu elu bilang wow.. tapi bantu sentil titit elu yang imut, wkwkwkwk
        maho.. main nya titit...

        Originally posted by arnest View Post

        Fixed the wartune server..indonesian player want to play that game...
        want to play this game.. just correct..
        IGN : Asuma
        Server : [S48] Imperial Encampment
        Class : Archer


        • Originally posted by edaralkaff View Post
          lama banget sih ini maintenance hadeeuuhhh
          server asu kog.... wkwkwkwkwk


          • there we go finally showed it ahha
            IGN - Johnny - ukinah sands.. i think thats how you spell the server name hahahah


            • Originally posted by Threadbare View Post
              Unexpected problems are the bane, and bread and butter, of IT's existence. I have no doubt that R2 is working hard to fix this. Keep in mind, with Wartunes down, they are not making money on Wartunes. They're not dumb, and they're not being slow. They are working on the problem and everyone needs to simply chill and let them do their jobs.

              And stop spamming. I left for forty-five minutes and this thread is 20 pages longer. TWENTY. Good grief, there is just not that much stuff to say, and anything worth saying has been lost in the mix.
              Sadly, most people here are simply impatient kids. Thank you for one person with a brain in this pathetic community.


              • Originally posted by DeGAUL View Post
                You're to calm and too cool. Its unnatural reaction to this kind of things. Not even a humor.

                Either your R2 poser or just to want project an air calmness and maturity, which is ****. and I smell ****.

                Join date 10-24-2012?

                How long you've been playing this game, Skeet?
                hahaah.... skeet R2 poster...


                • urgh...
                  my stomach going crazy
                  need something to eat
                  No Sign


                  • Originally posted by R23803361 View Post
                    Hahahaahah Thks so much ...the gamers of this game are truely something else ...we been entertaining ourselves reading & commenting for over 100 pages ...maybe R2 will create a new game out of this it ,\....Server Maintenance
                    lol.. just to release some stress )

                    Wartune Retired
                    IGN: Senjuu
                    Server: S1 Temple of Ibalize
                    Guild: Immortals

                    IGN: Senju
                    Server: S5 Buddha's Dome, S7 The Golden Summit
                    Clan: S5 Moon, S7 EXODUS

                    I'm a non casher player

                    My Guide/s:

                    File a support ticket here:


                    • Originally posted by Qprof View Post
                      Chuck norris help us we need you to fix the serves!!
                      He`ll revive our crops during maintenance
                      IGN: Agnar
                      Server: S2 Edena Village
                      Class: Mage


                      • R2Games >>> Do your best! >>> Only leave servers ON when they are really OK. No worries, I have the sun to enjoy today!

                        We want crush some pumpkheads


                        • Game Started


                          • its already take more than 5 hrs..


                            • will take 2-3 hours hmmmm yea right 5.5 hours later still cant log on


                              • Originally posted by Skeetâ„¢ View Post
                                Sadly, most people here are simply impatient kids. Thank you for one person with a brain in this pathetic community.
                                well, most people here act like a child..
                                IGN : Asuma
                                Server : [S48] Imperial Encampment
                                Class : Archer