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  • ................sigh
    IGN...Ametara .. Server...S2..Edena Village


    • so thanks too all that posted this has made time go alot faster


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        I take this GM Picture when read our Comment in forum...Lols


        • Doom soldier 20+ I Hope no World boss to hit like 10260 Really ****** Not easy I Hope a world boss who not hits like 2000+


          • One century later.....


            2 CENTURY LATER......


            3 CENTURY LATER



            • Nice choice of names Madhatter !


              • Originally posted by DeGAUL View Post
                Oh, please, dont flatter us with your brain. And pretension of maturity.

                Chrissake, this is a MMORPG.

                Go play solitaire or something. I heard solitaire never has down time.
                Once again, try not to put words in my mouth.

                And so what if it's an MMORPG? In almost all MMORPG's, the top players are people well over the age of lets say 25.

                I'd rather play sudoku. Solitaire is kinda boring in my opinion. And my sudoku has down time by the way. If my cell phone's battery dies then I can't play it until I recharge it. =\


                • still main main...


                  • Originally posted by Madhatter,s42 View Post
                    thx for the info got it thx
                    how to change the name?
                    No Sign


                    • Originally posted by Skeetâ„¢ View Post
                      I think it's just that I'm used to seeing stuff like these. Back when I was still in high school and had a ****-load of free time, I used to play a couple of online games. Easy to say that they also had similar problems like these. Idk what an R2 poser means to you so I'm not gonna even bother with that biased work of art. As for this **** you smell . . . maybe you have a bad diaper? =\

                      (There, I cracked a 10 year old joke. Is this "air of clamness/maturity" gone from my presence now?)

                      Oh and congratulations, you can read the join date of one of my accounts. But just to answer your question; on this account, I've played for about roughly 5 days? And no, not straight obviously. Just every now and then. Usually after work. Been busy recently. Hurricane Sandy hitting me gave me a lot of extra time for this game.
                      Nice. Well played. Not answering my question directly and playing the symphathy card.

                      I symphatized with you for the hurricane. But your self-righteous comments is not appreciated.


                      • Start game! (


                        • not reading


                          • common common open open open..........................


                            • u know what the mean of " accident happen " now that is the accident happen..


                              • open sesame!!!

                                that did not work.. )

                                Wartune Retired
                                IGN: Senjuu
                                Server: S1 Temple of Ibalize
                                Guild: Immortals

                                IGN: Senju
                                Server: S5 Buddha's Dome, S7 The Golden Summit
                                Clan: S5 Moon, S7 EXODUS

                                I'm a non casher player

                                My Guide/s:

                                File a support ticket here: