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[Guide] Shock System

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    Yes it is and that's the whole point, First you have unbalance with A vs B then you introduce skill for cash to B that turns the table when its maxed out and the cash slows down then you reverse it by introducing skill for cash to A after that's maxed out and the cash slows down your back were you started, The only difference is you spent your cash he spent his cash and that's the way R2 likes it in the end A vs B is no farther ahead you just have less cash and R2 has more everything in these game run the same. Ps they love it when you get mad about it because that's when you spend cash.


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      Stun is not a very effective way to win a battle. It works to your advantage only if the opponents are more or less evenly matched. I win all fights against weaker players with high level of Holy Seal.


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        ya and instead of putting it in jewel hunt like fate stones...which i no longer need cause im maxed out...DUH


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          So, does the influence fate skill work for archer's DDS?
          Izverg / Archer / 80er, light casher / Armor-S5 / Winterfell (Assistant), formerly Erebos (Leader)
          Izverg / Mage / extreme slowleveler, non-casher / R2-S5 / VaeVictis (Assistant)


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            Wondering how the heck 2 players with max holy seal and both lv2 bead of influence. That I get stunned in battle?? Both knights