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Wartune Emergency Maintenance on 2/9 @ 22:00 EST

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  • Wartune Emergency Maintenance on 2/9 @ 22:00 EST

    Wartune will be having an emergency Maintenance on the 9th of February at 22:00 EST (19:00 PST, 03:00 GMT, and 11:00 GMT +8) for fixing a server issue. Below servers will be down for approximately 8 to 10 hours, but could be longer. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.


    S1, S14, S20, S23, S26, S29, S32, S35, S41, S47, S2, S7, S11, S18, S212, S215, S232, S235, S239, S267, S270, S274, S277, S280, S283, S286, S4, S38, S44, S6, S10, S12, S17, S56, S59, S74, S77, S42, S45, S48, S55, S123, S127, S420, S423, S426, S429, S445, S448, S451, S454, S566, S202, S206, S221, S225, S228, S243, S349, S376, S379, S570, S13, S21, S24, S27, S33, S195, S201, S205, S208, S211, S214, S217, S220, S224, S234, S238, S245, S249, S252, S254, S257, S260, S263, S266, S269, S312, S316, S319, S62, S64, S68, S71, S83, S87, S90, S289, S292, S296, S301, S329, S334, S360, S364, S373, S382, S385, S396, S399, S464, S467, S470, S473, S480, S483, S489, S9, S15, S39, S50, S52


    kabam1, kabam11, kabam13, kabam15, kabam25, kabam18, kabam21, kabam38, kabam50, kabam52, kabam42, kabam57, kabam45, kabam47, kabam 35, kabam128, kabam6, kabam39, kabam7, kabam33, kabam79, kabam86, kabam92, kabam94, kabam96, kabam99, kabam91, kabam93, kabam98, kabam112, kabam114


    kong1, kong12, kong5, kong6, kong7, kong10, kong13, kong15


    armor1, armor4, armor7, armor8

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    Once again we have to find what is R2 fixing
    East coast archer.


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      Gee right before guild battles. Can u not wait til their done. Talk about making EVERYONE ticked off. Especially new servers and their first guild battles of their servers. -_-


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        wow ty hope the comp incudes missed insignia and honor (gb) , prob not. will be lvl 2 daru seeds for all :P
        Babs ^_^


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          8-10 hours wow


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            holy freakin keyrap....are you serious...8-10 hours. right before guild battle. seriously just keyrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Last edited by frozenshade; 02-09-2015, 10:07 PM.
            S385 CrimsonLair


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              Will there be compensation for the missed guild battle and other activities due to the maintenance


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                This is **** So I Lose MPD"S an Guid Battle cuz they screwed something up yet again/ FIRE ALL YOUR PROGRAMMERS an send it to JAPAN atleast they will get it right the first time


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                  Helen this is not good at all, this is our very first guild battle on this new server i do hope we get what we are going to be loosing tonight in guild battle-and I dont mean honor scrolls eithers-those are about useless-we need actual honor given to us-all of my guildies have worked their tails off to get us where we are right now and to give us compensation of a honor scroll is like giving a drowing man a cup of water-totally uncool, and totally un-caring of those who choose to do this to us.


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                    I better get honor, fishing, plunders, gold and insigs recompensed for all the down time considering it won't be open before game reset so I can't do anything to recover that.


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                      8-10 hours? are u s t u p i d ? no update either lol
                      if u add kid update i will forgive u lol


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                        Is this a joke?
                        8 to 10 hours, and during prime-time for US West servers?

                        To top it off, the announcement after your forum users/clients posted first?

                        Better be handing out some of the biggest compensations ever. Quite certain a lot of big spenders will be reconsidering their options after the muck up with sylph arenas, BGs, and team arenas since Friday night. Guild Battle is cancelled. Never thought I'd see R2 risk aggravating the paying players this much
                        Last edited by ATreeTopper; 02-09-2015, 10:13 PM.
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                        Server: whatever the merged Kabam S15/25 is called. I forgot.
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                          Will hot event times be extended due to maintenance?


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                            Originally posted by R2_Helen View Post
                            8 to 10 hours
                            W T F take that many hours to fix?? Can't you put maint on non-active hours?
                            Temple of Ibalize


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                              I have not done spire, tok, bloody inferno...will be missing guild battle, world boss, tanks, etc. I want some AMAZING compensation!!!!!
                              S385 CrimsonLair