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The Clown Events @ 3/1

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    look tickets from server 400-419!!!

    GUILD : THETITANS (many sand tickets no normal answer!)

    PROBLEM: last week non of us was able to enter cs gb the other guild who fight us enter normaly and win
    we sand many screenshots !!!! we win first 2 scgb , but it seyed on 3th time we our in 2th battle.
    we dident get any points or anything last week , and now i have black screen after 5 min fight (i try client IE , mozila, chrom difrent pc difrent conection)

    PLS do something about at and pls answer fast , maybee there are more guild who had same problem then u cann put as 1 vs other or anything


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      Originally posted by xrycek View Post
      Is there an exchange coming for the clown masks, do we need to hold on to them, or is it safe to open them?
      I find this a good match for R2. Clown event for a whole bunch of clowns....sounds about right. More likely there will be a bigger event with the clown stuff after the 2 days like they usually do so I would hold onto the clown masks.
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      I will see you ALL !!!



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        Originally posted by R228148458 View Post
        Hi. Anyone knows how can i pass the last boss in solo dungeon 70-80 (ETERNAL SANCTUARY) with SSS assessment? I tried all: pots, scrolls, purge rune, with troops, without troops...And plz don't tell me I have to raise my BR or get to lvl 80...cause there are players in my guild who finished with SSS with lower BRs than me and lvl.
        Char name: Lathuron
        Guild: No Mercy
        Server: Twilight Temple
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          Clown Events..... ahh the irony


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            Could somebody explain why we now have Tower of Kings, Blessing Wheel and Sky Trail events that don't give any event items? Just a handful of gold, a handful of exp, soul crystals that are worthless to the majority of players and some gem packs. These seem to be the most worthless hot events ever.


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              nooooo rookkk