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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 3/5 @ 3:30 AM EST

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    what the hell master why u dont give sylph seal exchange event?


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      anyone care to share a picture of the mage advanced talents with descriptions? thanks =)
      *looney mage addict*

      lvl80 Mage
      S444 Silent Arena


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        I have gathered all the info I could get in-game and I posted that in the forum here :

        Feel free to check this out
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          some information that i got , still sorting it out feel free to pm me if u got something to add =)
          Im segimoto aka versi69 , you can find me easy on Kongregate site if you need advice or tips about game feel free to pm there

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            Question: With the Mini-Client I am now having script errors when trying to log in. Could that be due to the maintience today? I had no problems yesterday. I deleted it and redownloaded the mini-client and I am still having problems. Any help in trying to get this sorted would be great, I plan to post this as well as it's own topic thread.

            Here is a picture of the error I receive:

            Click image for larger version

Name:	wartune script error.png
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              Click image for larger version

Name:	evolve.jpg
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ID:	1709232all evolved sylphs pic maybe small but google is your friend as there the same as they was on china


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                Originally posted by Kessar View Post
                The reason that question hasn't been asked is because its a stupid one. The patch test servers have been separate from the other servers for over 6 months. You have not been facing them in csgb (nor did you face them in the last csgb). They are on their own facing each other and some test servers on wartune . com. So no advantage at all, as they only face other patch servers, and no non-patch servers will face them.

                Real question that should be asked is if these test servers are going to be allowed to continue to dwindle, with a declining player base, without the opportunity of server merges.
                I don't get where you say we are not facing them in cross server events. I face Kabam S1 in arena daily and I am on S70.


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                  Originally posted by Helldawg View Post
                  I don't get where you say we are not facing them in cross server events. I face Kabam S1 in arena daily and I am on S70.
                  We are talking about r2-S1

                  Kabam S1 is NOT in any of the test server groups. None of Kabam or armor servers are with us. We are grouped with cluster of servers from r2 and proficient city only. Please check your fact first because confusing everyone
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                    i want sylph seal exchange event


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                      Join the club!


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                        whan will get this patch .when will rest of the servers get this patch.kabam 41 NanohaTP lvl 80 Sacred Dragon Warlock lvl 1 280K BR VIP lvl 9


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                          When would this be server 38 has none of this
                          I am a Koala


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                            the some problem is her on Kabam 41 server


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                              we whant that patch NOW


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                                Originally posted by LilWiked View Post
                                When would this be server 38 has none of this
                                Originally posted by R235924538 View Post
                                the some problem is her on Kabam 41 server
                                It's implemented on R2 servers 38 and 41... LilWiked, are you on R2?
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