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[Activity] Rewards for Suggestions

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  • Hey, how about the Christmas (Xmas) Events. That sounds good to me.

    Player : Mindcool

    Server: S37 Bloodlands........oh I am also on another server but one server at a time


    • in a dungeon almost nobody is happy with what I touch the end my idea is that aparesca a time of 30 seconds devajo won the item and if not useful for being my friend mage and archer who can take and I suggest to viseversa and the change the market for items offered there can be bought with gold.


      • make a socket rod for a prize in catacomb or lower the prize of socket rod... T_T


        • Hello guys,

          my opinion is to have:
          1) daily check-in based on actual playing, no calendar days. E.g. Reward for 26th day should not be given at 26th of each month, but after each 26th login.
          2) socketing rod for 5000 vouchers
          3) Mariusica above is roght! In-guild trading system is not a good idea, it would end with players creating multi accounts. Remember guys World of Lordcraft. It had really these ends, so please do not implement this otherwise ballance is lost.
          People are trying to test you because they really want to do this. We do not want main characters supported by 5 other, everything played by one person.
          4) rare things should be really rare. Too many people have e.g. orange astrals. I have found three within a week, thats too much
          5) please add skins according to the avatars. I have avatar of skeleton and my character should have also this appearance in game. Each race could maybe have some features regarding their troops. E.g. undead could revive some fallen units, bear could give some extra armor to the troops, demon's troops could give some negative buff for one turn, etc.
          The selected race could also have the special design of cities related to the selection.
          6) possibility to customize various details in the city. E.g. possibility of planting trees, making fountains, etc

          Keep up the good work!
          S31 Demonic Crypt
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          • GM, I can see my friend online, but I cannot see if they are offline, pls add a notification for offline friendlist. Thank You.


            • OMG all noobs that come from different games.think of that stupid auction thing.that till only ruin the game.there are ppl here that are tryin 2 prevent that from happenin.if u want an auction house.start a private server and go wild there.Dont do IT R2 dotn give them that auction thing

              S8 Forrest Of Doom


              • Need More:

                1)Variety of stuff with all kinds of stats; there is too many lame items.

                2)Why use the keyboard to play special moves; this is a point and click game; you try using the onscreen keyboard to play! That is my only way to use.

                3)The items in the store seem too lame for such a high cost.

                But, I Love this game!


                • s49 rift of aklon

                  Maybe a crew guild battleground where guilds face off against each other with both winner and loser getting rewards. Rewards would be guild related not player related.
                  Also guild Dungeons where the mobs are really difficult and guilds would go in against them in sets of 4 like we do now but weakening them and finally defeating them.(once a day dungeon and players only allowed in once so you need a lot of members to take the dungeon). Both players and guild get rewarded.


                  • Server54
                    How About A HangOut Place For Players That Out Of Things To Do Like The Altar Of Ennoblement
                    But There You Can Gain xP For Some Minutes For Example 2Mins=500xP


                    • pls read my message i sent to u this will improve your gaming system


                      • Originally posted by jhinflx_08 View Post
                        character name: Jhinflx
                        server: S18 Blazing Desert

                        hi ^^,
                        MY SUGGESTIONS:
                        - to have a locker that can deposit and withdraw golds in guild vault.
                        - an auction that can sell or buy an item
                        - were players can able to trade an item
                        - same level of a player playing arena, world boss, and battlefields because all weak low level players will be a feeder. Low level were no match in high level.
                        - can we have a pet with a passive skill to support?
                        - locker for deposit? as far as i know all your gold will go either for contributions that can make u learn guild skill or shooting star for orange astral... is it important to have deposit locker?
                        -again auctions? instead of auctions why not developer open Market for Voucher's or Gold's instead of balens only... of course the price must be at unreasonable so player cannot spamming Market and get what they want easily.
                        - yeah! all low level will be feed to high level player. fixed this and make more player easily gain insignia... yeah! why not?
                        - pet? Mount will be released soon still gonna go for pet? camon guys... let make it slow and steady...
                        "If people are trying to bring you DOWN it only means that you are ABOVE them"
                        [S40] Badlands
                        Guild Master of TOP☝RANK GUILD


                        • A new map for battleground will be nice


                          • I would like to suggest about live 1 on 1 PVP --

                            My friend I like to test the strength of our character and our ability to play the game, but we don't a change to do it since there is no 1 on 1 PvP where we can battle live.

                            it will make this game more exciting.


                            • Allow selling items from within blacksmith screen

                              When you are online and someone attacks your city either apply greater defence\attack to defending team (they are based in a castle anyway). This probably will not change the outcome so maybe no point in this one. Unless there is a random chance for a huge bonus, siege weapons or visiting mage that join u in the field.
                              So maybe reduce the gold that can be plundered if you are online. Whenever I see someone hitting me i just donate all my $ to the guild. But then i'm short of $$$. I shouldn't be disadvantaged by being alert to the fact im being hit AND denying the enemy.


                              • if you could put boss in the wilds that drops valuable,items,gears,etc. so players could party up and hunt.. . each member gets a booty just like in MP dungeons where you choose a card for your reward.. . the player that deals the killing blow gets to spin for shop items such as socketing rods etc.. . spawntime would start as soon as it gets killed.. . like say 3 hours after its been killed or keep it at a random as to when and where it should spawn.. . a boss or more in 1-30 and so on.. .