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    Like Many Other MMORPG Wartune Should have Achievement Feature.

    And The Reward isss Title,Gold,Daru,Gem or many Othersss

    If Character Wear That Title,He/She can gain some additional Status.And of course one character only can wear one title at the sametime

    Achievement Tab will be replace beside character tab.There will be a lot information about your character.

    Achievement Feature Consisted many information such as:

    1. Level Character (This shows How is your lvl Character)
    lvl 10 - The Title : Newbie
    lvl 40 - The Title : Veteran, Reward: Gold 10.000

    and so on..

    2. Gear Character (This show how much you can collect set item from Wartune)
    Item Set 20 : title : Swordsmen - Reward: Daru
    Item Set 30 : Titel : Warriors Way - Reward:Gold

    And So on.

    3. Arena (This information shows How much you Kill in arena Solo/group, How much you win in arena solo/group arena)
    this information will be divided in 2 categories

    Arena Solo

    Group Arena

    4. Battle Ground (Hell Yeah, You must be know.some times we heard somene killing spree,dominating but we dont know how much we earn that announcement)
    So this information shows us
    -How much you kill/death in Battle Ground
    -How much you win/lose
    -How much you earn:
    -killing spree
    -How much you mvp

    *This should be great to get title strongest warrior in Battleground

    5. World Boss
    This information shows us,How much we own world boss and last hit the boss

    6. Farmer (it design for you great farmer to get as high as lvl have to deserve some reward and title)
    This information show us too how much we steal from other crop

    7.VIP King
    This show how much we get into VIP Matter
    and the title VIP King is nice right

    and soooo many, that i cant write it here...this reply must be have quota.

    and sorry for my language.english is not my main language.

    My Character

    Server: S54 Starford Fortress
    Nick : ★SUPERMAN★
    Job: Knight
    Lvl :35

    from this new feature.player will be more busy to get some achievement point.
    and of yeah.achievement have poin.and poin will be reward too
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    • perhapse if there was a character edit with there supers, have each class flash off there super skill in a way according to their class. i would understand if a warrior grows huge yet for an archer or mage it seems a bit off i love the game but this may spark an interest in the new commers


      • OMG all noobs that come from different games.think of that stupid auction thing.that till only ruin the game.there are ppl here that are tryin 2 prevent that from happenin.if u want an auction house.start a private server and go wild there.Dont do IT R2 dotn give them that auction thing

        S8 Forrest Of Doom

        i agree!!!


        • add new class? we have WARIOR/ARCHER/WIZARD... how about ASSASIN class?


          • i would like to see at least 1 more free run a day in the forgotten catacombs for VIP. The fixed amount of crypt tokens you can get a day without buying a key makes them far slower to obtain the amount you need for the armor then it does to obtain the insignia's for the pvp armor.


            • Character Name: RZROXAS
              Server : Serpent Nest

              Please findhere my suggestion in Wartune Games
              1.) I observe the PVP Team Arena is not fair for the character in lower level, since most higher level is not accepting lower lvl to join to the team,
              I Suggest to have a separation of level for PVP Team Arena ( like PVP arena for level 30-35 ,35-40,40-45 and soon)
              2.) I suggest to have a portion of PVP arena for 1VS1 player only without the team so that we will now who is the real strongest character because when im playing with duel arena most of the time my character is attacking his team not the character itself.
              3.)Provide 1-place of trading and selling item ,buffs and equipment in exchange for gold or balens.
              4.)Cross Server Battleground (Individual Character and by Team) im sure player will not bore and continously playing this game up to the end and will attract more players also because this is very interesting.
              5.)Additional Quest and Stamina for Quest , when the character reached level 35 it is hard to level up (unless you are a VIP player or a maller) the more quest the more exiting the game and the more player will be interested and not boring on playing wartunes pls consider my suggestion.
              6.)Questing must be continous and no limitation , I observe that sometimes when i continously accepting the quest , other quest is still not available
              until i level up.
              7.) It is better to provide some training section for the character in order to level it faster (it will be train using a gold and balens also).
              8.)Provide additional team character after a (Knight or Angel )after reaching level 40 , team character for lvl 45,50 & 55 so it is very interesting for all the player9.)Provide the last slot in Astral using Balens to get higher Astral Level , because it is difficult to get high quality Astral , so i suggest using balens to have higher chance of getting hgh quality or rare astral.
              Just for now this is my recommendation , Please accept my suggestion it is beneficial for wartunes and all the player playing this game,
              Thanks and regards to wartune
              Richard Z Roxas , Archer lvl 37 , S51-Serpent Nest


              • it would be good if u could choose what kinda build an archer or mage wants to be by been able to wear any kinda of gear or at list make each character get loot only for there class


                • Originally posted by jiwangkaratz View Post
                  GM, I can see my friend online, but I cannot see if they are offline, pls add a notification for offline friendlist. Thank You.
                  Blind? your offline friends will be in GREY color... din u see that at ur LOVE icon at Friendlist?
                  "If people are trying to bring you DOWN it only means that you are ABOVE them"
                  [S40] Badlands
                  Guild Master of TOP☝RANK GUILD


                  • S40 BADLANDS - mAdUzAx

                    * What's the sense of having unbound items in a game if it cant be traded? Hopefully auction will go on a market too.
                    * How about putting another item on farm shop like " FARM PROTECTION " so it can't be looted by anyone. Make it of a higher price for a start.
                    * Have new sets of items where you can use lower level purple gears or arena gears as materials for synthesis.
                    * Synthesis for upgrading potions and runes.
                    * Synthesis for CRYPT and SKELETON KEYS.
                    * Putting up DURABILITY on gears which will broaden the use of gold.
                    * Putting up a new system for increasing DURABILITY of gears.
                    * Putting up additional attributes like %HEALING, DAMAGE ABSORPTION, DODGE, %COUNTER ATTACK(normal attack) on gears, skill tower of guild and on technology. It will be for getter strategy of characters build.
                    * Gears for troops
                    * Recycling ARENA GEARS and ITEMS for insignias.


                    • since me already a champion.... when can me haz meh own peon? =3
                      1-first we haz to get a to a place / tower and rescue those peons frum evil monsters nyaa....
                      2-then say frum 5 people we rescue we get to chose 2 or 3 of them to work fur uz...
                      3- rewards? well... mebbe each peep we rescue can give daru/equip/spirience/guld passively like dat guld mines...
                      3a-each day they can rewards a specific things to uz... if we ask frum them... ^.^
                      4- they'll be gone fur a week and da place/tower reset fur next rescue attempts... silly them getting caught again =sigh=

                      S40 Badlands
                      Super awsum cute mage


                      • Need a Shortcut key or a button to swap skill tree right away without having to open skill window to change them.
                        Harvest all plants with a single click or a button. Plant the same type of plant in each field with the same previous type of plant with a single button. For VIP* (convenient)
                        Boss/Mini bosses to spawn in wild map.
                        Toggle between peaceful and attack during Battle Ground. As sometimes you accidentally attack the person standing on the crystal.
                        Have a kill number on top of player in Battle Ground to indicate how many he has kill without being killed.
                        Allow a Finally battle between 2 play with the highest kill/star points/honor/crystal obtained, for additional rewards! Lv 4, 5 potion, EXP, Daru, Gold etc...
                        More honor/insignia for MVP.
                        Insignia could be stack more then 999*
                        Allow to control the AFK mode to stop at level you wanted in Catacomb without human intervention.
                        VIP player to run/travel faster in the wild.
                        Allow single player formation with troop to be able to change as those of Multiplayer arena and group arena.
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                        • how about battlegrounds for guild vs guild that would be exciting 4 guilds with 10 members..and trading/auction room for items in exchange of gold,insignia and crypts..
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                          • S54
                            I Would Like To Add A House For Players In This Place They can decorate By This Thing You Can Have More Incomes To Improve The Game By Just Adding House Items In The shops That Can Make Our Houses More Adorable .. Hope Ya Like It


                            • Maybe add some sort of "pet/s". And have them either as part of your troops, or attached to the player so they can still be used in group dungeons/battles.


                              • How about Guild Master or G.M. under the guild name of our characters so that ppl will know who they are