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  • Performance
    1. Low Quality/Aliasing Off option on right click.
    2. Make "Turn effects off" actually turns them off, not just hide. Separate keys event and visual events, not waiting each other.
    3. Cooldown applied same to AI as playing with real players.

    1. Reduce roll cost on Higher level guild altar wheel, or better allow using vip tokens for it.
    2. Allow for more goodies from guild altar wheel, like rods and balen/vip seeds (victory/voucher seeds), most importantly temporary (2-hours) vip vouchers if vip tokens is harder to implement.
    3. No trading or auction please, if you must do it only for unique or one of a kind item in the game, or limited edition items that is not available (like level 20 jewels from 1st payment pack) but not useful anymore for 1 player.

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    • Originally posted by dOniiiiiiiiii View Post
      i think it would be nice putting socketing rods in check in rewards...prolly 2 socketing rods for 26 daily check that non-casher player will have a lil bit chance on defeating casher players..
      i also posted about this. page 5-6 i think it is a great idea!! socketing rods are a must!!!


      • Originally posted by s†riker View Post
        now that the 1.45 patch is about to launch the only thing that this game is lacking is the trade system,. G M you can make some BLDG with auction system or a place where players can trade or vend, its better if you use gold as currency so that all players can trade,. with the trade system that i wanted it should be activated upon reaching certain lvl like you can access trade if you reach lvl 40 to prevent the multiple use of account,.

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        man u really dont read or just like 2 me mocked?
        or ur one of those that want 2 farm?P)
        u must me one of those.
        pff auction beep beep beep


        • Originally posted by dOniiiiiiiiii View Post
          Let the revive at WB be at higher cost coz non-casher dont stand a chance to get to top 3...

          gREEDY!!!! They are better players than you.
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          • hahaha ... lest any trading system ... surely they would make a lot of characters in one server to support the main character ..... I disagree with his existing trading system.


            • my suggestion is that armor set especially the non pvp set would be backwards compatable by this i mean 1 piece of the 30 set and 3 of the 20 set would still give the 20 set 4 piece bonus and if u had 2 and 2 u'd get the 2 plus whatever damages say 20 and 80 and the 5 rage of the 20set theres just a huge gap between sets where u dont want to loose bonus rage or armor pen so u wait 10 lvls plus this would make ppls stats lvl gradually then every 10 lvls


              • I suggest all unbound items can sell through email.lets say you both agreed for the send an email containing the items and how much the price "balens" then the receiverneed to pay for the items before he can get it(if not then the items will return to the seller)... or make an auction house where players can post their items for sale...


                • socketing rods for non cashers and also make solo campain harder, as its to easy!!!!!


                  • Originally posted by widdow(s3) View Post
                    i also posted about this. page 5-6 i think it is a great idea!! socketing rods are a must!!!
                    that is the only way u can make a diff from a casher > non casher.
                    want rods?spend money
                    (well there si the Vip diff also but that not the point )


                    • Hello GM, my suggestion would be about friendliness. What I would propose is that you would get a increase to frendliness when you did a multiplayer dungeon when you had no attempts left. A reason to do these dungeons is the fact that it raises friendliness faster. It would not have to be raised as much as it would if a player has attempts.


                      • i think it might be fare if in the battle arena, the levels are quite balance or closed to other levels,
                        always dominte are those who have higher levels, their always deals/fight with those
                        lower levels, their are not storng eventaully!


                        • Put a delay on plundering and arena duels that sends an alert to the person getting attacked. The alert will allow them to join the fight and not have it be ai.


                          • My suggestions is to have a:
                            1. Kynites and Seeds drops on the Wilds area.
                            2. Plants can be fast growth using vouchers or golds.
                            3. Catacombs dungeon enter using gold or vouchers with high offer.
                            4. To have a guild battle/fight like BG system they can gain honor guild or protect some area in guild for enemies.
                            5. More attempts on Herous Dungeon.
                            6. Sell insignia and crypt tokens in Arena Shop in vochers or balens.
                            7. Trade systems for VIP only.
                            8. Auctions for Non-VIP.
                            9. Guild storage can share with Guildmates.
                            10. More events.

                            thank you
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                            • here`s the thing about trading between players.

                              #1. there is a big chance that gold farmers will pop up/
                              and if they will. it will destroy the economy of the game.
                              gamer`s will be buying gold from them

                              #2. Scammers/ i know there will be alot
                              players will spam in world chat saying bla bla bla

                              #3. If such player is already cheating right now.
                              like doping or gold hack/
                              no trading system is the only way to
                              isolate that player.

                              one thing i can advice though is why dont u have a PK system.
                              where we can go outside our city and PK.

                              or/ have a guild pvp/ for example.
                              guild A. can PK Guild B anywhere exp boss
                              like they can have an agreement for 12-15 hours of PK
                              for the 2 guilds

                              also. BR or battle rating/
                              for not i don`t see it fair for us. lvl45 gears battling with lvl 37 players
                              no matter how good ur items at lvl 35 or how high ur atak or deff
                              u still cant match lvl 45 gears.

                              why not make it battle rating/lvl rating.
                              24-34 rating/ 35-44 rating/ 45 above.
                              so that it would be fair and we can have fun.

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                              • I recommend establishing the marriage system within player. we gain the advantage in power or Defence or hp or new skills for couples/spouse, getting extra experience when paired or log in with our partner, get extra n fast stamina inside the avatar.

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