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  • Yuda
    Knight Lv.37
    S40 Badlands.

    My suggestion: I wonder if it is possible for us players to get one more time free vip ticket. Just like the reward upon reaching level.. (i forgot the level, sorry >.<") and be rewarded by a free vip ticket.

    It would be nice if there is one more chance to get that ticket event for just a limited of time, so that the player who can't afford to pay VIP can spend their vip coin rather than just keeping it as a collectible item in their inventory.

    And it stackabale with the new vip whell, why dont you let us try it with free vip voucher
    I know it will get the casher mad or something.. and here the solution,
    Let us the non casher get the free vip ticket, but limit the token or the time to using it.
    pretty fair i think.

    Tq for reading.


    • bank ? borrow ? ban ?lol this aint SAMP dude O_O only saw a good idea till now.

      And about the vip thing . what's the use of buying vip after that?


      • Here are some of my suggestions or things i would love to see in wartune

        1. Equipment Show

        Players can use “shift+left click” (like in CS) to show equipments and astrals in chat channel.

        2. Quick Join

        Player dont have to search for a room they can can click “Quick Join” to go into a room in Arena instantly. (Full rooms and locked rooms are not included.)

        3. Rose or Friendship gifts

        Players can give roses to increase friendliness. Those who receive roses will have their charm increased and may possibly be on the Charm Ranking board!

        4. Double Honor Scroll

        30 minutes after use, Honor received from defeating players increases by 100%. The gap between Elite Warrior and Crusader is too damn large. We need more Honor .

        5. Duel in Altar of Ennoblement (friendly duels , test of stregth)

        Players can do more in Altar of Ennoblement and never feel boring!

        6. Guild Construction Cooldown

        Simply the cooldown is too long .

        7. Players should not be able to purchase equipments that are not applicable for them in Crypt Shop or Arena Shop. i.e knight should not get a option buy mage stuffs.

        IGN : summer

        Server : S2 Edena Village


        • Hello

          sir i think merge is not good. . ! cause some player of cimmerian is dont have chance to get the (singolia,tamlang'Guild resorce,gottor etc.


          • Originally posted by R24468333 View Post
            Knight Lv.37
            S40 Badlands.

            My suggestion: I wonder if it is possible for us players to get one more time free vip ticket. Just like the reward upon reaching level.. (i forgot the level, sorry >.<") and be rewarded by a free vip ticket.

            It would be nice if there is one more chance to get that ticket event for just a limited of time, so that the player who can't afford to pay VIP can spend their vip coin rather than just keeping it as a collectible item in their inventory.

            And it stackabale with the new vip whell, why dont you let us try it with free vip voucher
            I know it will get the casher mad or something.. and here the solution,
            Let us the non casher get the free vip ticket, but limit the token or the time to using it.
            pretty fair i think.

            Tq for reading.
            Bad idea's very very bad... The purposed to encourage player to become ViP's using real cash will decreased. Simple if u want to used Vip Tokens just pay for ViP lol... Dude this is not Charity games lol... we also earning hard in real life to pay and then when the Vip being given FREE whats the point we pay for a monthly viP's?
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            • Great idea here !!!! Maybe we can build bank were we can borrow some money (gold,silver etc.) ... If the player did not pay on time or did not follow the bank regulations. . . Maybe he/she will be time ban for days or maybe for a week. . It depends on the money he/she borrowed . . Yeah like that


              • This game is better for not having a in game economy. Every game I have ever played (A LOT) that had an economy failed because of problems related to gold selling, inflation, account selling, hacks... its just a huge mess and it will be abused.

                There has to be a clear distinction between people that pay to play and people that don't. If there is not, there is no reason to pay... there must be an incentive for my hard earned money to go to a hobby I enjoy. That being said please do not make socketing rods available through non-balen means.

                PLEASE do NOT make insignia available any other way. It is used mainly to buy gear, and not just any gear, but the best gear to be had. This is actually one of the best features of this game and it creates a balancing point. Sell insignia and you are selling gear... if you sell gear, you put to much power into the hands of people that pay; don't take away the incentive to actually play the game to get what you have vs buying what you have. This is a way for non-paying players to keep up with paying players through actually playing the game and dedicating more time. This logic also applies to crypt keys... just get rid of them, they grant too much advantage in exp gain and gem gain... when VIP buyers already have a EXP gain advantage over other players. Let everyone get the same number of turns everyday. DO NOT open the crypt up (suggestion I read here). Opening the crypt up 100% to all players at all times with a auto-play option is laughable and it would create a huge mess. Why would you bother even playing the game at that point? Just log on, check you farms... and go crypt on auto-play over and over.

                The only suggestions I would make for changes is get more PvP content/maps/options... especially for Battle Grounds. Have a map variant option so people can play on maps of their choice. When BG started it was my favorite thing to do... for about a week. Then it got too repetitive, and now I look for chores to do around the house so I can have a reason to not do it. This could also be a means in which you can break up the level gaps between players. The way I see it in my head: set it up like the Multiplayer Dungeons... you click on it and pick your map that you will be playing on.

                The astrals are a gold sink... please do not allow for astral conversion... you will make it to easy. When you made gem conversion only for the Physical/Magical Gems I shook my head. It made it too easy to beef up attack... much faster than what defense would have been able to handle... and then you destroy any usability for a "tank" type character. Thank god you are balancing that with full gem conversion. Anyway, back to the astrals... if the gold isnt being sunk into the astrals then there is really only one other place for it to go... to Guild Contribution, and that is a very slippery slope. I foresee game balancing issues arising from this. When I finally get to that 7,000 star point mark to where I can choose the astral I want is a big day... keep it that way. When I get that orange astral from gathering that I have been wanting so badly.... I fist pump. Please do not take these things away.

                The World Boss system is a mess. The strongest players get more than anyone from it, albeit, as it should be. But then you add on "the final blow" reward... which is a HUGE amount of gold. When this is all taken into account what you get is the strong getting stronger at an accelerated rate. The strongest get more from the boss overall because they do more DPS... if you do more DPS you are far more likely to get the final blow... which gives you even more gold to become even more stronger... to do more DPS. Its a joke, and I see the same people winning it over and over again. For a small period of time a while back there was a bonus reward given to people that did a certain % of damage. The return of that system might be a good balancing option for this grossly out of balance event... have the final blow give item/items instead of raw gold. This way you can spread out the gold reward aspect of this event a little more fairly. Also, having more level equivalent bosses would be a great thing.

                You have too many servers. Please stop making servers. Not only is it spreading your player base to wide, but you are going to create the situation that as players stop playing you get dead servers... this is scary to people that pay to play. It is a investment into a hobby. In the last month on my server I have gone from seeing 500+ people come to the world bosses to under 200. Makes me think twice about spending any money into this game because it gives the people/players around me the opportunity to inadvertently affect my investment into my hobby. If my server dies and I run out of people to play with I am screwed... I would never chose to start over again on another server. Also, it is confusing to have so many servers to new players. I introduced friends I have from another game to this game and that was one of the complaints I heard. So another suggestion idea would be to give me a option via Balens to move my character from one server to another... AND give us cross server events to where we can interact with other servers. This could be done with "Super" world bosses and also with a Battle Ground variant of some sort. It would be really cool to have teams from different servers able to battle each other, especially with the ability to hand pick your 15 person team, on a map of choice, where there could be more than just two teams... so make 4 and 6 team maps available. Also, you could put a more random variant on Battle Grounds with maze like maps with monster encounters. Heck, take it another step by giving the winning 15 person team their own "mini world boss."

                I hope what I have said helps
                Server [S4]... OWNS!!!!
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                • when i enter into the badlands, i use my healing skills and lose arena rankings because my skills are not set for arena. I would like an option to set the skills I would like the ai to use for solo arena that would stay separate from the skills I am using while I am in dungeons, catacombs and mp dungeons. Im pretty sure I don't use purify or blessing when I am in arena, but i need them in badlands. Same with my astrals.... I would like to set them and have them stay, separate from the current ones I am using for other events. Same goes with defending my castle from plunderers.... they can be the same set of skills I use for arena. thank you.
                  Death comes when you hear the Banshee.....


                  • Trading? Nah.. I will go for some more DISCOUNT for each items that have sell in the shop every weekly or daily changes. Such as gems pack like u guys done it last time. I found out very interesting and i bought it. give more and more discount! I will benefits to you and also for the players. More discount or reducing the prices for all items esp. GEMS.. The more players buy with cheap price, u will earn more profits. Look into quantity we buy not higher price to obtain profits. Lets do win win situation.!


                    • i have some ideas :

                      1. player customization, be it hair style, skin color, face structure, mustache, beard, scar, tattoo, etc. and not only for newly created character, but a character which already created can alter their look and style by using an item (let's say a mirror, or hairbrush, that can be looted from dungeon, or as a quest reward)

                      2. sub class!! knight can chose to be a paladin (knight with shield and hammer/sword, main focus is defending its ally), or barbarian/warrior (still with its gigantic sword, but main focus will be wreak havoc to enemy line). archer can be assassin (with its stealth skill, or poisonous weapon), or a ranger (with its critical ranged damage). mage can be healer, summoner, or necromancer.
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                      • A list of suggestions.
                        1. The 7 days reward that u get when u join the game/server should be each week with random gifts
                        2.Inside Farm should have the Stable or something for the pet you guys want to add , would be cool
                        3.Remove the farm or the Tree of ancients both leads you to the same thing
                        4.Forgotten Catacombs should at least offer 2 max 3 runs per day
                        5.Arena matching needs improvement matches high lvls with low lvls even if they are in full party of same BR
                        6.Gold Refinery and Town hall should slightly offer a bit more gold , after a 8 hours of sleep or work etc a player would like to see that something gathered while he was gone
                        7.A Trade Broker could be added but this can improve and ruin the game at the same time
                        8.Equipment , stats improve. there isnt such a big diff between lvl 25-30 or 30-35 i mean weps
                        9.Farm land upgrade should give a bit more since it costs so much.

                        Well those are mi sugestions , ty.


                        • can u guys make afk button clickable using keyboard


                          can u guys make the chat box minimizeable.. its kinda annoying sometimes


                          can u guys make bounties, daily, etc quest finishable using balens or coupons or anything


                          can u guys make inventory items mass sell able.. its annoying too if u got large inventory and to sell it 1 by 1 specially me which using laptop without mouse lol
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                          • My suggestion:

                            1. It would be nice if there is a new option for players to duel them by right clicking on there name. A duel where you get nothing and lost nothing only to test your strength. about 10 attempts daily may do.

                            2. Skin costume, Hair Style/Color Option, Skin Color Option so at least every player will be unique from each other.

                            3. Unless remove the unbound, bound option, there should be a trade market for it to be used. But only buyable by voucher/balens. At least non cash player can get balens .

                            4. Items that can only be buy in shop should also can be buy in voucher. but much higher price like socket rod can be buy by 185 balens or 1850 vouchers. (x10 price)
                            I think that wouldn't hurt much for cash players because x10 is quite expensive but at least A non cash player can buy it. "Better buy in late-game than never"

                            5. More astral options like
                            add damage by 2% per level
                            add max hp by 2% per level

                            6. I read that Guild Battle will start in 5am. Hope to change these time xD

                            7. Charisma/Defense/Endu pots can also be buy in guild shop @ higher level guild shop though.

                            8. Battlegrounds for lvl30~39, 40~49, 50+

                            9. More unique gears (different design)

                            10. Talents? Wings? When will it be coming?

                            s43 - AnnesLover
                            Elite Guild


                            • My suggestion..

                              ~ Put some effect for some kind of formation u use.. like diamond form (get extra mdef / pdef by 5%) etc. *only a few form u use that have the effect..

                              ~ Improve Synthesize for Synthesizing rune (4 same lvl 1 rune can be synt to lvl 2 rune,etc.), also can Synthesizing Daru to gold or vice versa...

                              ~ Melting 2 Equips to get 1 random one is nice too..

                              ~ Put some High lvl dungeon in wild in certaint time, so we can run in team to finish that high lvl dungeon.. (the reward will be insignia, cryp keys, or some shops items..)

                              ~ Enable all player to see if that person are in potions buff or no (what kind of pots, lvl 1 or 2 or 3 etc.)...

                              ~ More exp for lvl 3 exp scroll (it only give 5k exp, but the items are violet grade..)

                              ~ Emoticon for express our chat...

                              ~ Has a chance to loot some rare items such as insig or crypt or shadow crystal or may a seed in campaign, not only a white or green Equiptmen that sold for 600 (white)...

                              ~ Altar not only regen our Stamina, but also gain some limited exp..

                              ~ Quary or mine that we can AFK mining daru or gold for certain time..

                              ~ Unique Boss in cata, dont show that Eye in any boss after lvl 50, thats sucks...

                              ~ 3 Mage is unstopable in arena, any tips?

                              ~ Improve Morph card such as Huntera Morph Card etc. , if we use that card, we can get the special effect such as 5% crit bonus, or +100 PATK or another stats...

                              Thats all my suggestion, hope it will be use..
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                              • i agree with the server thing seems that the S1 server is not getting many new players on it lately and just more and more people are stopping to play , we need less servers or a way to clean up the servers and remove players that just do not play at all anymore what would happen to us that have cashed to get to the top and the server dies would they move our characters to new servers or would w have to start over with no way for them to compensate for the money and time we sunk into or characters this is kinda troubling.